Launcher crashes after opening

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I have the problem with the normal mac client, not PBE, where when I try to open it, it crashes a split-second after I click it and no launcher and PLAY button appears.
After doing a lot of browsing and posting I still can not find the solution.

- I have administrator access.
- League is IN my applications folder and all.
- I've re-downloaded it several times from the official website to no avail.
- UserKernel looks perfectly normal, not a pencil and paper icon.
- I have the latest OS and meet system requirements. (OS X v.10.8.3)

Here's what I haven't seen that I think can help fix the problem,
League works perfectly fine on one of my administrator accounts, the one I've had since playing the unofficial boompje version for mac, iLol. However, on my root and standard accounts, the problem occurs.
All accounts have read & write access.

When I create a shortcut for League and stick it in my dock, the problem still occurs, BUT
UserKernel shows up on my screen and in Activity Moniter using CPU and RAM, but as it looks like it's going to start up, it closes after a few seconds for no apparent reason. This is only on one account, not root, and not the one League works on. There are three.

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I have the same problem, anyone know how to fix it?