Champ Icons in List on Profile Sometimes Going Invisible

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Just thought I should say first that I'm not entirely 100% sure that this is a Mac-client only issue, but I still thought that I should mention it, since none of my buddies on PCs have ever experienced this issue.

Occasionally, when I view the champs that I've unlocked on my profile, most of them will be gone, with only the background showing, but with the icons that ARE showing still there, but in the order they're supposed to be in, surrounded by the invisible icons. This doesn't go away just by leaving the profile and trying again, it's still there no matter how much time goes by. The only way to get rid of it I've seen that works is just waiting for a day, or quitting and re-launching LoL. I'm afraid I don't have a screenshot, as I keep forgetting to take one, but it's been happenening to me ever since I got the Mac client. While it's not the worst issue there is, it's extremely frustrating.

Anyone else experience the same issue? Or is my client just weird, and have malevolent feelings for me?