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League of Legends Episode Collection

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I wanted to create a thread that could include my suggestion talking about another way to broaden League of Legends to the world. Not only introduce it to more people, but to have the lore come to life.

What I wanted to talk about is a mini series explaining the lore for each setting or character. The episodes would probably fall from 20-30 minutes, including all elements of a story; characters, conflict, plot, point-of-view, setting, and theme. Now, those would be great additions, but that's not my main focus.

To create the series, I have an example of one particular episode out of the many that would be created. The episode would be targeted on the Noxians vs Demacians. Demacia and Noxus have a strong background that can be reflected greatly in an episode or two. It'd include the rivalries, the main conflicts, and most of all, the importance of each character's role at the time.

For an episode, like I said, would probably be around 20 or 30 minutes, however, for a huge topic like Noxus and Demacia, it could go onto a double episode or something similar.

I hope anybody that reads this agrees with me and would support the idea as it would be an amazing way to see League of Legends. Thanks.

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Majestiik Moose

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I'd enjoy it, but probably not going to happen

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The popular saying in writer's communities at the moment is that story starts with the characters. Forutunately League of Legends has plenty of those. Noxus and Demacia probably wouldn't be featured as big two-part episodes in a hypothetical web-series, but instead have their stories told through the many episodes centering on a character encountering their own conflicts with Noxus and Demacia as the stage.

Keep in mind, web-series don't have to follow television programming block rules, and so can have stories broken into shorter pieces with variable lengths. Further, animations aren't the only option for telling these stories. Comics can do a great job at this sort of thing as well.