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Champion Sales History in Spreadsheet form

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Hi all,

TLDR - Champion Sales History Spreadsheet - download at bottom

This is my first post so please be nice to me
Due to all my free time (yeah, right...) and love of organising things into spreadsheets, I have compiled a spreadsheet using the data lovingly provided by aestrivex (and previously Eat Orange Be K) in this thread (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=28808024) regarding champion sales history.
You can have a look at it yourself but to give you a quick rundown, it lists;

  • - Each champion in order of their release
  • - Each champion's normal price in IP and RP
  • - The number of days before the champ first went on sale (useful for predicting upcoming sales)
  • - The number of days between champion releases
  • - Champion release date
  • - The start dates of each champion's sale
Note that I have only included 'normal' champion sales, not the 20% a bunch of champs etc. or skin sales ( have a look at Corporeal's thread (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=15223928) for information on skin sales. Feel free to compile them into a table ).
You'll also notice that there is a blank row (22). This is a divider to show when the 'modern era' of sales started (see aestrivex's thread for more information on that).
I've written the functions in OpenOffice Calc but I'm pretty sure that the cells all work in Excel; if you have any problems, you can either ask me to have a look at it on this thread (could take a while to get fixed) or have a go at fixing it yourself (probably will take less time). If you do fix it, it might be nice to post the fix on this thread so everyone can see it
Feel free to modify this spreadsheet as you see fit, I would just ask that you reference me and the other contributors to this spreadsheet if you are going to post it somewhere.
I must thank aestrivex and EatOrangeBeK for all their hard work on starting and continuing to update the champ sales history thread, without which, I couldn't have put this together. I've put a link to their thread on the top of the spreadsheet so you can update your own version of this spreadsheet (I won't be posting updates) and I urge you to go have a look at the thread anyway; it's got a lot of good stuff down the bottom of the first post if you're interested.
Anyway, I hope you find this as useful as I do


21030528 LoL Champ Sales History.xls

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Hi there,

Love the spreadsheet, very informative and good work. It reminded me of this spreadsheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/lv?key=0ApNQRbuc_G9gdG8wQWxiV0xoT0RlTW44MU1RSEV2YUE

Which uses the last sale date in order to try and predict when they will be next on sale. But they seem to have stopped updating it and skipped a sale.

I'm planning on making one of my own and would love to utilize the info from your spreadsheet. I plan on determining the average days per sale and updating it daily to show how many days since the last sale but including all champions. I also plan on to break te champions down by ip brackets so you can get a better idea of who's going to be on sale next.