Annoying Client/Game/Patcher Bugs/Crashes

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I have been having problems recently with the client and the patcher.(1) For example when I am in-game it quits an absurd amount of times and it also crashes when I'm attempting to reconnect.(2) Another issue I have been having is it simply doesn't open when I click it. (3) I was trying to reconnect to a game becuase it crashed attempting to open and it kept telling me I was having problems with my firewall(Please include instructions on how to access my firewall). (4) I crashed and again was trying to open the login screen but it said I had to update when I had updated 3 hours ago, it finished and crashed right after. Causing me to need to attempt to update and ending in the same manner several times today. (5) Yet another issue I had today was when I kept trying to open the patcher I had some issues where it keeps calculating differences, I have got up to 1047(even more) waiting for it to finish calculating. (6) Another issue my mac friends and I have been having is we are in game, but we kinda see pictures. This is not caused by fps lag, but internet lag. I normally play with 150-200 ping, and it is decently smooth. When this happens I stay within the same ping range but it doesn't download the information from the game, so I don't see what is happening around me but I can move freely, it updates every 2 seconds or so and is ridiculously annoying.

Some of the relevant issues I have found so far with the new patcher/shurima update stuff/client/thingy. This is mostly a tip, not a bug. If you are going to encourage users to join the Public Beta Environment please at least accept people, don't leave them waiting for 8 months or so. It is really frustrating when you're all pumped for the PBE and you're like "Yeah, I'm gonna help Riot fix their stuff and try out new things!" and 8 months later we still don't have any idea of what's happening. I understand you have thousands of people applying daily but look at the people waiting first, it is really annoying when my friends get their PBE account the second they applied and I'm still waiting since like February. Thought I would drop that off before, and it was important for Riot to know what we think about their PBE/Testing environment form a player's view.

Thanks for helping and I hope to see an update just for glitches and bugs coming soon!