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General and Hidden stuff in the new Cinematic

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Old Shuck:
Riot has state repeatedly that skins are, for the most part, non-canon.

This video had the Demonblade Tryndamere fighting, which is a skin and non-canon.

So i'm going on a limb and saying this video is non-canon and just made for funsies. And I am 100% okay with this. It was an awesome, fun video. I want to see more!

doesn't mean riot didn't hide anything in it..remember the mac video? splash arts?

zac was in bunny riven's art months before he came about

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Meanwhile in three sister conflict Ashe was killed (or he though so), and so Trynda had fallen to madness due to whispers from his deamon stone in his sword.

That's why he is showed with Deamonblade Skin and is pooping out of nowhere and hit things.
SR will probably take PG > HA treatment, so Baron VU would be implemended.