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Discussion: Top Tier Champions

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Ulquiorra Cifer



You completely missed the whole concept. Shaco doesn't lane.

He jungles.
Picks up golem buff, lizard buff 90 seconds later.
Shows up in a random lane for a gank.
Rinse and repeat 3-4 times, you're level 9-10 with all the items i listed.

By this point and Shaco is fully capable of pushing a lane alone and taking out towers in 10-15 seconds. With easy escapes, even through a warded forest due to the fact that deceive is FLASH on a 10 sec CD. It's like the stealth is just a bonus effect.

The team either pushes 1 lane with all 5 people on it and tries to force the 5v4+tower harder than Shaco can push an undefended lane, and thats pretty **** hard. Or you split up, try to defend your towers and maybe get Shaco, but then as soon as they solidly break from their push, I blue pill and start over.

I am not saying Shaco can win any fight. I run from 90% of fights before they even start. But to keep me in check it takes 2 people, not just 1, from the other team chasing me the whole game.

The true strength of the strategy doesn't lie in super killing power or mad CC, its the fact that if the other team EVER leaves their base for a 5 man push, I will kill an inhibitor and they will be lucky to match me.

I guess the big question is this:
In high level play, is 5v5 effectiveness so important that it completely overrides pushing power?

What your not getting is that in high elo games things don't go so smoothly shaco is my most played hero too however when you play high elo games they are aware that you can get lizard or golum buff at lvl 1 when you know where some1 is going to be at what point its so easy to counter them besides most high elo games have some1 with clarivoyance making it even harder to get the buff early game and that pushing is great when playing against lesser opponents but when hey know your hero as good as you do it gets very predictable thus can be easily countered.