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[Suggestion] Game Tracking Improvement/Viewing Team mates records

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I like how the current game tracking system works, showing you the various stats for you in your recent games. However the problem is just that. It only shows YOUR stats from the game. I would to see a more in depth tracker that shows the other players that were in the game and how well they did sort of like the scoreboard screen after each match but I would like the option to view it in the recent matches section as well. This is so I remember who I'd like to play with in the future (but mostly who I would like to avoid playing with).

Also another option that I would like to see and I think most other people would since a couple of my friends have brought it up while we were selecting our champs, is the option maybe click on a teammates name and see their profile. This option would have helped in many games where we allowed someone who wasn't very skilled/fairly new to the game solo and pretty much hand us a loss. By being able to see their profiles while waiting for the timer to countdown the more experienced players might decide it would be better to stick with the "noob" and help him out instead of letting him solo. If giving the option to just click the person's name and viewing their profile is too much, then atleast allow for us to search for the player in the friends list. I've noticed that for some reason the search feature is disabled once you join a game and are waiting in the champ selection screen.

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Or you could just have a drop down screen for when you hover over the players champion+spell box. To show there win loss ratio.