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Jax is not a Darkin!

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Well after some research and some googling I have concluded the following from the following websites and post:

Vulcanös explains his theory:
Jax was never enigmatic;
Jax is Reginald Ashram.
That has literally been in the lore from the very beginning.
He was placed in the League by Reginald Ashram WITHOUT A JUDGEMENT.
Then Ashram disappeared; at exactly the same time.
Ashram is one of the worlds most powerful summoners.
Jax is ashram, that was never a secret.

Now go to the last link and look at Jax's background picture, behind the lamp post is believed to be Aatrox, probably because of the horns. But when you look at Aatrox and the background image it is actually a different person. Aatrox's horns lean backwards while the horns in the background image leans inwards, almost like Sejuani's helmet.

I believe that this mysterious figure is actually Reginald Ashram, All I need to do is find a picture of Reginald Ashram (If there is one).

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I only got a little clue that Jax is Reginald Ashram, on your third link one of the audio files say "Surprise! I'm back" which could suggest that Jax is indeed Reginald Ashram

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Jax did receive a Judgement it was just the fastest in history only being like a second long. And his quote could reffer to anything, it could be that be is saying he is a magelord returned