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It's time: Ranked SoloQ for Treeline and Dominion, please help!

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Like many other players, I play dominion and treeline almost exclusively and prefer them over summoner's rift. While we are a minority, we still love the game, spend money on it, and try to get our friends involved.

I think it is time for there to be ranked queues for these game modes. I can't speak for everyone, but personally I don't feel that they are so unbalanced that they need significant changes to be viable for competitive play. I want to be able to queue for the modes I love, and get the same ranked experience I get playing SR.

I don't mind if the queues are long, if Kassadin and Singed are permabanned, or if the item balance is never quite right. Those complaints will be there anyway. I just want to be able to queue up, and know the other members of my team will be making an effort to play as well as they can, because ranking is on the line.

Please help me make this happen. Contact riot and let them know you would like to play treeline and dominion soloq ranked. When you're in a minority, you have to raise your voice if you want change. If you are passionate about dominion and treeline and want to compete, let riot know!