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Top/Mid/Bot Champ Help please

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Hi Guys,

A quick intro of where im coming from,

What i thought lol was... 3 lanes.. 2 top 1 mid 2 bottom... pick a champ have fun

Champs i play: Brand, Twisted Fate, Arhi

Today after reading i find there is actually Top, mid bot lanes and different champs for each, i find Tanks, Ranged, Support Champs aswell


Mid lane.. i like to use Ahri But i would like to get into ranked matches one day and from what im seeing someone may pick a mid before me so i should learn a top and bottom champ

I am Really Bad at Melee Champs so im wondering if anyone could give me a run down of some Good Ranged Champs for top and Bottom

Champs i Own
Ahri, Ashe, Brand, Diana, Draven, Kennen, Master Yi, Twisted Fate, Veigar, Twitch

Any suggestions for top and Bottom preferrably Ranged would be appreciated cheers

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tbh pretty much every champ "can" be good if you practice with the champ. That isn't to say they're all pro-viable, but at our level I don't think champ selection is a big deal.

Generally speaking top lane is for "bruisers," tanky melee champs. Yorick is actually a melee champ who's very easy to farm with as top because he has 2 ranged abilities. I rarely play top but when I do I play as Yorick since he's very hard to F up with I'm not really sure which "ranged" champs play top. I know Vladimir can play top, as can Nidalee. I've seen Master Yi top and he's very easy to play. But yeah the general meta for top is bruisers, but if your jungler builds defensive you can go with an assassin or ranged top lane(Teemo for instance).

Mid-lane is for mostly AP casters. For the champs you own that would be Ahri, Brand, Diana(not ranged, but AP so she's usually mid), Kennen(I think? maybe he's bot), AP Yi can be mid, TF is a great mid, and Veigar.

Bot lane is AD, aka physical damage, mostly auto-attack based damage. Ashe is a great, easy to play ADC, but she's easily bullied by Caitlyn who just so happens to be one of the more popular ADCs right now. Twitch and Draven are also bot lane. I think Kennen can play ADC as well, but I've never seen him ^_^

For the free champs this week...Malphite is top(Awesome champ, usually banned b/c of his ulti), not sure where Mordekaiser goes, I think mid...Rumble top...Soraka is support or AP mid, though mostly support...Syndra mid, can't wait to try her...Talon ADC I think...Urgot AP mid I think? never seen him...Varus ADC, really good ADC you should def try him...Vi top lane

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Kennen is a really straight forward and all around strong champ IMO. You could play him top. Kayle wrecks top really really hard too but usually pushes a bit too hard. Most other tops are melee bruisers unfortunately. You can get away with sticking champs like Quinn and Vlad up there but you're probably better off just getting used to champs like Irelia, Cho, Yorick, Nasus. GL

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