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League of Legends Fighter

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tl;dr - League of Legends Fighter in the works- will be free- don't sue please?
I probably should have done this much sooner.
I have a whole summer off so what better way then to teach myself Java and write up an app.
It'll be as free with an ad on the main menu.
2D "scroller" in top lane.
Playing style: stuck between a combo system and a "press R". Hopefully I'll also be able to figure out how to take input from a blutooth keyboard
Whats really going to push this back is writing "Bot" behavior and online play (lan or otherwise).
Eventually I'll "translate" everything to windows8 phone and finally to Objective-C for Iphone (maybe the ads will give me enough monies to buy a Mac).
Also - I hope to use the stats found in league and have the ability to buy items. Passives should also be in the game (e.g GP's grog soaked blade).
Players will start at level 18.

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Just a quick update.
I think I'm doing quite well considering this is my first app.
Now to add game play.
after all of the hard code is out of the way- It'll be prettied up quite a bit.
Characters seen are not confirmed- just placeholders.