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Season One Competitive Overview

I. Role of Riot Games

Riot Games is committed to providing an exception experience for all players of League of Legends whether you are a casual, somewhat competitive, or a seasoned professional player. As part of this commitment, we are providing a framework for those who want to get involved with Season One as either a competitive player or event organizer.

First, we’d like to make clear what our role will be for Season One:

Oversight – Riot Games will provide structure and incentives for those who chose to get involved with Season One. Our goal is to unify those who love League of Legends by providing standards and incentives for event organizers and players.

Governing the eligibility of players – We encourage participation from all types of players and would like to let all potential competitors compete at their desired level with full aweness

Governing the eligibility of events – In order to ensure that our players have quality events, Riot Games will provide a set of standards for sanctioned tournaments. We also appreciate organizers that just want to have “fun” tournaments without guidelines .

Official Rankings – Riot Games will regulate the rankings process for all sanctioned League of Legends events. These rankings will be used to seed teams during sanctioned competitions.

End of Season One Tournament – Riot Games will organize and host the official concluding tournament for Season One. This event will decide the champion of Season One and final world rankings.

Additional Events – In addition to the End of Season One tournament, Riot Games will host events on a case by case basis.

II. Events
Becoming a Sanctioned Event

1. LAN & Online Events must be sanctioned by Riot Games in order to receive the benefits of being part of the Season One Circuit:

a. Riot Points offered to participants and event staff.
b. Events will be promoted on League of Legends website.
c. Tournament results will be counted in official League of Legends ranking.
2. An event organizer must submit an application to Riot Games via the competitive events forum, which can be found here.

3. The application must be submitted 45 days prior to the start of the event.

4. Event organizers may only submit one application every 30 days. The application may contain plans for a series of tournament where each individual event takes place less than 30 days apart. In this situation, Riot will approve each event on a case by case basis.

Event Requirements & Benefits:
See the “How to request support for a tournament” document here

III. Sanctioned Formats
Team: 5v5
Mode: Practice Game Draft Mode
Restrictions: No champion or item restrictions (Riot Games will update and maintain a restrictions list)

Recommended Competition Formats:
  • Single Elimination Bracket
  • Double Elimination Bracket
  • Group Stages (early stages only)
  • Ladder (early stage only)
  • Weekly League
  • Seeding (Only if using official Season One Rankings)
  • Relegation
  • Best of One
  • Best of Three
The follow formats or conventions are not recommended:
  • Double Elimination where the upper bracket champion’s advantage does not carry over to the Championship match.
  • Best of Five

IV. Regional & World Rankings
All sanctioned events will count toward the League of Legends World Rankings. Each event will be assigned a point tier based on the number of participating teams and the reach of the event.

Teams participating in each sanctioned event will also be seeded based on their worldwide rank.

LAN Event Tiers
A Tier: Major Championship – 2000 available points
B Tier: Large LAN Event – 1000 available points
C Tier: Multi LAN Event/Medium Event – 500 available points
D Tier: Small LAN Event – 200 available points

Online Event Tiers
A Tier: World Tournament – 1000 available points
B Tier: Large Regional Tournament – 500 available points
C Tier: Monthly Event – 200 available points
D Tier: Weekly Event – 100 available points

Points at each event
  • 1st Place – 35% of available points
  • 2nd Place – 20% of available points
  • 3rd Place – 15% of available points
  • 4th Place – 10% of available points
  • 5th~8th Place – 5% of available points

Example #1 – 1st place at a World tournament would receive 35% of 1000 points or 350 points.
Example #2 – 2nd place at a Small LAN event would receive 20% of 200 points or 40 points.

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Does this mean 3v3 tournaments do not count for anything? That would kind of suck.

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1 Bar Clutch



Thats because this is for the 5v5 season 1 tourney not the 3v3 (idk if there is one).

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Doesn't look like there's any official structure for 3v3. AFAIK there's hasn't been any kind of high-profile tournament since Razer. It's a bummer, really.

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RTS Soul Reaper

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I wishes make a new rating for the season 2 , because I was not pretty good in my ranked at start of my level 30 and I want my rating goes up . But I'm too low and thats so difficult to made it goes up

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nice to have practice draft game

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how to list

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I'm too late for all this, right?

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Wait, how did I post here?