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Xin Zhao - Jungle Guide

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Why play Xin Zhao ?

- High damage early game which causes you to snowball hard if you get kills / assists.
- Can self - sustain well in the jungle b/c of his Battle Cry
- Multiple builds and play styles are available with xin ( tanky, assassin, adc )
- Great level 3 ganks
- Can dash and slow enemies

The Cons of Xin Zhao Jungle

- Falls of late game
- Mana hungry early
- No escape or poke

Runes, Masteries, Summoner Spells, and Skill Order


Quints of Armor Pen
Armor Pen Reds (can also do flat attack speed reds or flat damage reds)
Flat Armor Yellows
Scaling MR Blues


When i play xin zhao in the jungle i usually go 9-21-0. Since i am playing a tank i usually want a lot of points in defense while still getting the damage and armor shredding from offense masteries.

Summoner Spells

Usually i take Flash and Smite when jungling Xin Zhao. Flash for getting that 3rd talon strike to make a successful gank. Another great spell is ghost, but i dont recommend it. Smite is self - explanatory

Skill Order

Start with your Three Talon Strike first then take Battle Cry. Your 3rd skill should be Audacious Charge. Max your Three Talon Stike first then your Audacious Charge.
The reason why you get QWE then max Q and E is because you need the damage to kill blue buff first and need the sustain from your W to kill red. By maxing out E you are making your ganks more deadly while still having fast clear times in the jungle.


Starting Items
hunters machete + 5 HP pots

Early Game
Wriggles Lantern + Locket of the Iron Solari + Mercury Treads / Ninja Tabi

Mid Game
Brutalizer + Aegis of Legion + Sunfire Cape + Black Cleaver

Late Game

The core of the build are Boots, Wriggles, and Brutalizer. Please note that you do not need to get ALL of these items. Sometimes you may need Wits End, Last Whisperer, etc. You can tweak the build to match your playstyle if needed. NOTE that late game xin does not do much damage.

Jungle Routes

Always start blue buff then immediately go to red buff maybe even try to invade their jungle after blue for first blood and red ?. Try for a level 3 gank top / mid if possible. You do insane damage early. Try to gank as much as possible while still power jungling b/c you want to snowball early and end the game early.

I hope that you all like my guide. I understand that it was brief. I think that most people know how to play Xin Zhao and hes really easy so i didnt need to go through everything (combos, how to gank, etc). Tell me how i did, how i can improve, and maybe suggestions for future guides ? I am going ot make a youtube video on this too, GingerificGaming is my youtube channel name. I am currently making a LeBlanc video guide too. Thanks guys !