So I was Playing Udyr and the UI...

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So i was playing Udyr, and that's when me and the UI began to have some fights. I was playing a heavy -CD reduction Udyr, and thus doing a lot of stance-dancing and all sorts of craziness.

Problem is, there are a couple of things that really need to be synchronized/coordinated. These I think are all general problems, and i think many champs could benefit from them. They just became a super problem when i was palying Udyr.

1) Item CDs - There currently is no easy-indicator, especially for something like Innervating Locket. I use the item, and i get my two-second buff. But I have to manually count out antoher 1 second before I change stances again to make sure the thing is ready. I would *love* to just be able to look at the item and watch its own cooldown finish and maybe even -flash- when it's done, like with some little flare, so I could safely know, "Hey, the game acknowledges that this item will give me my 50hp next time i stance change". Cause right now, if I jump the gun by like half a second, I have to wait a couple more before I can get 50 more HP, and after that happens a couple of times, i'm down a couple hundred HP! this is srs bsns (i have started to just out-loud count to myself three seconds for right now)

2) Buff Stacks - Cooldowns - Monkey's Agility (or w/e it's called) is a great move, and why i play a stance-dancer. Essentially, it gives you a buff for X seconds after you stance change that buffs your attak speed/dodge. Very helpful. Can Stack 6 times. Stupidly Helpful. Two huge problems though

a) I have no idea how long this buff is going to last. I put X up there because i srsly don't know the duration. The tooltip doesn't even say! I think it's 6 seconds? The real problem is that it has a cooldown timer on the buff that does the wind down (i'd personally like a number countdown like you see on countless WoW-UI Mods), but then, if you stack it at least once, it dissappears, and the buff just kinda chills there. How much longer is it going to last? I don't know, i can't exactly count out X seconds, cause i don't know how much it is, plus i'm alrady counting for Locket (albeit, if i'm focused on Locket, i TRUST it would keep up the buff, but this has not always been the case!)

b) how many stacks do i have? I have no idea! Even if i hover over the buff, it doens't even tell me % wise! I mean, i can watch my attack speed number, but let's face it, i am not going to remember my current attack speed, and see if it increased by another 6%). I would really love if the buff said how many stacks I had, AND indicate if i've refreshed the timer on how long until the buff expires!

IMO these are huge things that, while not a game-breaker, they are to me a game-changer. Monkey's agility in-and-of-itself is a little buggy i feel like (i've watched my attack speed numbers fly all over the place, like, it's like i lost the buff, then got it, but at a stronger application? I guess the game was thinking "Okay you have 3 staks...okay now you have none...oh wait, now you have 4 stacks"?? Extra confusing

Thanks RIOT though for Udyr, i really do enjoy them (can understand why he needs a buff) and </rant>