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Fixed Issues.

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-Skins & Portraits are showing up properly
I saw Mordekaiser and Fiddles in full form yesterday. And I forgot since when, but all portraits now seem to be displayed properly (no more Bluescreen Sona). Lux is also in full shape too.
*It was really weird to see mordekaiser in full shape. After playing like a month on mac client, morde in full shape was quite intimidating.
Existing Problems: Corol Reef malphite is still missing his head and back ornament. And I couldn't check how King Tryndmere skin is doing. Anybody got info about that one?

-After game summary load time is faster than it used to be.
It's a lot faster now. It used to take 3 minutes or something to load, but it is now loading under a minute no matter what. But after 3 or 4 games, it tends to slow down a little bit.

-Overall game performance has increased.
I've been monitering hardware usage and etc for the past week, and it has definitely improved from the last patch. But it is still quite annoying to see the launcher monitor fidgeting on the dock.

-Ingame fps has increased (Maybe it's only for me)
I'm now averaging 35 fps per game, whereas it used to be about 23~27 fps per game. No big difference but it's an improvement (anything above 24 fps is playable). But when compared to windows module, the game seems to be a bit 'choppy'. Windows version has a smoother movement and missile projectile motions; mac versions don't. Not a lot of people will be able to notice this when they are playing only on mac.