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Print-Out Build Template.

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Hello all! I've created a template using Microsoft Word for typing your builds, and printing it out, so you've got it handy, right next to you. I searched for a while to find one, when I didn't, I decided to make one myself. It's sort of flexible, but if you alter the size of the summoner's icon on it, the tables will flip flop and such, so you have to shrink them down to the space provided. This template features a Champion Icon, a title above it, (change 'Champion to the name of the champion) a slot for 'Start-Game Items', 'End Game Build' and Ability Upgrade Sequence. The 'Start-Game Items' has six slots, so incase you need six slots at the beginning, you've got that. The 'End-Game Build' has six slots, for the six final items you could have at the end of the game. The Sequence area has 18 slots, one for each level. (This thread is not completed yet, so come back later for a link.)

Thanks! -URXP2ME (Summoner name: URXP2Potato)