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ADC Rune Page for a Newbie?

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Senior Member


Hi everyone,

I'm on a budget with my IP, and I have just enough for these runes:

x8 (Marks) Flat AD, and
x8 (Glyph) Flat Magic Res


x8 (Marks) Armor Pen

I have Flat Armor already, and I am not about ready to spend anything on AD Quints seeing that I am unsure if I would continue to play that role.

Your feed back is important to me, because I really need to start learning how to ADC (mainly so I can become a netter last hitter).

--Additional Question--

I've noticed that ADC is one of the fastest slots to be filled (besides AP-Mid or Top) during selection when solo-queing. Would it be best to start concentrating on a Jungler or Support rune page instead of an ADC rune page?

Thanks again to anyone for answering!

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Senior Member


Take what I say with a grain of salt because I'm not exactly a long-time vet :P

I find in my games(lvl 26) top lane is always called. Mid lane is nearly always called. I think if you're trying to "fill in the gap" the least called roles are support, then jungler, then ADC.

The advantage of a damage-based rune page is that would double nicely for most junglers. Many junglers use attack damage or armor pen marks, AD quints, and just about every jungler goes armor seals with mr glyphs so that could be a good second role for you if you want one page to serve dual purposes.

Tbh the only time I see support called is when it's a duo Q in my group that calls both ADC and support. I see jungle called much more often than support, but jungle and support are almost always the last two called.

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Senior Member


Only you can decide whether you enjoy playing support or jungle enough to go that route. Depending on the jungler, AS or Arm Pen marks may be better than AD.

For an ADC, AD marks give you a very slight early advantage (<5% per auto attack) over Arm pen, and they help your last hitting during early laning. Arm Pen marks have a late game advantage over AD (5-10% per AA depending on defender armor.) At lower ELO where people are still learning to CS and it's easier to win or lose your lane hard, most people prefer the early game AD advantage.

For Glyphs, I actually like 3 x flat MR and 6 x scaling MR as a budget compromise. That gives you a little extra early MR in case of harder magic poke like Sona, while still having good late game scaling. This is also fine for jungle or support.

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Will the Llama



Blues should always be MR and yellows should be armor (flat for both, it helps with the early game)

Reds and Quints..are where it starts to get into a gray area, because some Adc's do better with a flat ad page, and other's do good with an armor pen one. It really depends on the champ you're using, like for example, I main Twitch with a page that sports nine arp. marks and three flat ad quints, now this page gives twitch a pretty good amount of damage throughout the entire game.