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Champion Selection help?

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So i've been playing LoL for about 2 years, but i've been playing casually. I would like to start playing more competitively. But, i'm afraid all the champions i have now are not good for competitive play.

I own.......

And i prefer them in that order. (fave anivia, least ryze)
I love playing a caster, and the last two weeks i've taken a liking to Janna and Lulu.
I would like to start playing really competitive and i wouldnt know where to pick. Like, i doubt i'd ever make lets say gold with anivia.

TLDR; I love mages and support classes. For competitive ranked, who should i think about investing in? AP prefered.

So that's where i need the help Any information would be amazing!

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I definitely recommend getting a broad base of champions before you even think about ranked (in fact you must own 16 to even join a ranked queue). It's fine to be good at mid laners, but you also need to at least be familiar with the other 4 roles as well. Start with support and jungle since those are the roles you are most likely to get 'stuck' with.

As for who to pick up, Lulu is an excelent choice. You should also have at least one 'tanky' support like Taric or Alistar. Nunu is also a great investment since he can play almost any role effectively. In general, look for champions who can play multiple roles and will fit with a wide variety of teams.

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I know a Gold I Anivia, I don't think making gold would be hard as she's very strong right now. Great utility, can build tanky and still do damage, If you play her right you can wall off half of team. Her AOE Ult allows you to very easily make a fight turn the other way. It is also impossible to seige a tower with Anivia there as she can just ult all of the minions and there is no minions to take any turret aggro.

The rest of them are quite viable if you're good enough with them. Veigar is more of a counter for heavy AP Teams or squishy teams, Kassadin is awesome for carrying yourself through Silver as if you get fed other lanes do not know how to deal with you.

Honestly, keep focusing on mid but be able to do other positions at least well enough to not feed, or you will not be able to climb the ranks.