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Support Help

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Lady Lunar Fox



Hello Fellow Summoners!

Does anyone have an idea on building a Kayle support?

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Son of Ecgtheow

Junior Member


If you're playing the zero CS meta, there's not a whole lot of room for deviation from the core unless you're facerolling the other team and getting a bunch of gold from assists (or kills), in which case I don't think it really matters.

Ruby Sightstone
Philosopher's Stone
Boots of Mobility
Aegis of the Legion
Kage's Lucky Pick

You CAN take Philosopher's into Eleisa's Miracle if you take Heal. That'll open up another item slot which allows you to be a little selfish. You miss out on the nice active from Shurelya's and the CDR though.

You can take Kage's into Shard if you want to retain the GP10 effect/more mana regen (good mana hungry carries and Tear builders - Kog'Maw, Jayce, Urgot, Varus, to name a few), or into Twin Shadows depending on the situation.

If your jungler/top builds Aegis you can go Zeke's Herald, since it's hugely cost effective in team fights and you have a respectable damage output (for a support). My other recommendations for the fifth slot (or the extra from Eleisa's) would be Locket of the Iron Solari (even if your jungler has it, as the shield can be chained to a degree and CDR is big) or Mikael's Crucible (more mana from an early Chalice, Cleanse for your carry, chaining heals -- your W, the summoner spell, item active).

Only five items because WARDS.

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Senior Member


meh unless you're plat/diamond I really don't see the need for building like them. One major issue I've had as support in my sub level 30 games is that 9/10 games my ADC is terrible. If your ADC is terrible, you're basically worthless as support. Thus I've been going with a heavy gold-centric build with gold quints, seals, masteries, early philo+kage's. I still lay down wards(not sightstone, just 1-2 wards each trip back), but other than that I build for AP so I can actually make a difference later and not have to worry about relying on my carries who (suck). Like I said, it's low level, but I've had really good success with Ziggs using this build. His Q is great for zoning, and overall good damage. His E is another great zoning tool, and you can throw it in front of an enemy as a slow. His ulti is amazing for picking off runners or you can open up with it if you're going to hit 4-5 enemies. Surprisingly I'm 6-1 using Ziggs, with "normal" supports I'm 50-60%.

**Oh, and to answer your question OP...I really don't like Kayle support. Sure she has a heal. but her Q has a short range on it and as support you'd never use it in team fights. And her E is based on ranged auto attacks(and you have to stay in range for the whole damage!). Her ulti is really good, but outside of her ulti I found her difficult to support with I think you're better off with a different support. If you want one with a heal but who still has offense I would suggest Nami or Nidalee. Nami has great CC, and Nidalee can zone well with that spear.

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Senior Member


Kayle is the best support in the game. 4 Reasons:

1.) She has a heal that speeds you up. OP as hell.
2.) She has a single target slow
3.) Her ultimate makes you invulnerable forever.(Not really but it seems like it if you're against her.)
4.) HER ULTIMATE MAKES YOU INVULNERABLE.... YOU DO NOT TAKE ANY DAMAGE WHILE IT IS ON YOU. NONE. Meaning you win life. YOU FREAKING WIN because of her ultimate. Stupid, I hate it. OP. Nerf plx.