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Your top 5 things that win/lose arams.

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I'm pretty terrible at this game, but I have never lost playing (tanky) AP Nasus...

To each their own.

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this thread is so off base and chock full of noobery I can barely imagine posting in it. but here goes, I'm about to share with you my secrets of winning just about every aram game you'll ever play. try not to doze off.

1. clutch suicides - these serve as a good reminder to your teammates and the enemy team as well that you're the real deal. you mean business and you're so convinced of your superiority that dying randomly for seemingly unknown reasons is just the thing to put those around you on edge. stay frosty, pups.

2. troll item builds - yeah, they might have all thought you were joking when you came to lane with tear of goddess and guinsoo's rageblade on Alistar. But come late game when you've got 5000+ ad from muramana, and heals from infinity to beyond, and you can pop your ult right as rageblade's active kicks in then proceed to dive 1v5 into the enemy team under their turrets, rest assured you won't be the only one feelin' the rage.

3. ryze - always wins, never loses, zaps people in the face. make sure to have him on your team, or someone who resembles him. taric with sparkly spandex pants may suffice in a pinch.

4 king troll - the ultimate goal of ARAM, as I feel everyone should know by now, is to be the biggest troll so that way nobody in the game can troll you. Do whatever it takes to show the other players in the game that not only do you not care about the game's results, you aren't even positive exactly which team you're supposed to be on half the time. Think creatively when trolling, don't just go afk or not buy items, actually say out loud in chat stuff like 'my monitor broke so I'm using this old black and white one and can't tell the difference, sorry', or 'the FBI just called and said there's a bomb in my shoe!'

5. the Taunt - never underestimate the impact of a well-timed /laugh on the enemy team's morale. it acts as an excellent aggro puller, and as an added bonus has a spiffy animation that can be chained together into a kind of dance on most characters. For best results, use on Mordekaiser, spamming Ctrl + 4 over and over while you chase someone around attacking them with their own ghost. huehuehuehue.

well I'm sure with these professional expert tips all of your win ratios are sure to skyrocket. you're welcome.

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Since the classic forums will be converted to "read only" with the transition to the lol reddit lol style forums, need to get some less-terrible (dare I say "helpful&quot threads to the top.