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What if...

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Current active pbe users were given a link so they can recruit new pbe testers?

Like it could be required that such and such player has to submit a bug report to get an invite. Or something.

I have been waiting for months for pbe enrollment but nothing.....

I use a friends pbe account but would be nice to be able test things against each other as we rarely play pvp matches on pbe.

Or even possibility of offline pbe testing client?

I know that it's a concern that servers would become crowded and then stability issues and or long wait ques for getting online for the pbe.

However having an offline pbe mode for purposes of testing things couldn't hurt. When you open the application it gives you the same launcher however 2 choices play or play offline comes up.

Then depending on. What option is chosen it will either launch to a login screen or just open into the game

In offline mode there will be 99999999 rp and ip or everything unlocked. So that online and offline play never needs any interaction