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[Feedback on Item Sets] Just gonna list a bunch

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Don't come to PBE forums often, so sorry if these have been mentioned before.

Love the Item Sets, but there are some kinks, and there are stuff I'd like to suggest

First, when logging back in, Item Sets always seems to lag when I click on the tab before loading. Client will go blank and unresponsive for like 10 to 15 seconds.

Second, please make potions and wards stack in the same block.
Right now, if I place 3 health potions into the block, it just shows 3 potions side-by-side, wasting a lot of space. Same with wards for when I try making a starter-block for a support build. :/

Third, scrolling in the associations tab becomes very difficult when the filters are applied.
Say I check off "Carry", then the champions selection in Associations cuts down by like 75%. If I click back to the build, and then back again, I am unable to scroll down with the filters tab open to unselect carries (the window cuts off the bottom 2~3, carry included) - I must click another filter or some other shenanigans to get the filter tab to show the full list again.

Lastly, please shift the item filters to the top, and put the item icons on a grid.
This would make it much more similar to the in-game item shop and each player would require less scrolling to find what they want. I think this would benefit usability a lot.