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|Fever| Clan Recruiting

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Fever Reaver

Junior Member


|Fever| Clan is openly recruiting all League of Legends players. We currently have over 100+ dedicated LoL players and over 1,000 other gamers of all kinds. If you are interested in joining a great gaming community which supports all major MOBA,FPS,RPG,RTS, Then you should check us out. All skill levels are welcome and all games have dedicated coach's for those wishing to improve their skills.

You can see the LoL section here: http://feverclan.com/forums/28-league-legends.html

We have a wide range of skill levels as well as nationalities, although we are mainly a US base clan we have several members from all over the globe. We have a very active Teamspeak with daily gaming competitions. If your looking for casual gaming with friends or skilled ranked partners Fever Clan is the place for you.

If you decide to join up remember when filling out your application that Reaver referred you and I'll see you soon.

Come check us out at http://www.feverclan.com and see what you think.