Astro Heaset question

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I've been looking for a headset to replace my old logitech one, and I am planning on buying an Astro (Most likely an A40 or A50)

I noticed on their site that some of the headsets come with mixamps (which allow you to adjust settings and stuff), and some products are just the headset. First of all, is the mixamp required, or can you just hook up the headset? Also, Is it worth spending the extra money to get a mixamp if it isn't needed?

If anyone has any opinions on a particular headset of theirs i should buy, that would be great. Like I said earlier, probably going to get the A50's or the 2013 edition A40's.

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The two biggest 'things' with the MixAmp is that it allows you to use the headset with your PC, PS3, and 360, as it has all the required connections. The second item is it allows you to adjust the volume on the fly....that is pretty much it.

Honest, at $129 it would be far better to purchase a proper sound card with a DAC and headphone amp, like the Sound Blaster Zx (same price), which will drive the headphones a lot better. Or, if you don't have the room in your PC, an external sound card for the same money. The external providing all the same benefits as the internal, just without requiring that it is in the case.