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Runes for Anivia...

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I recently bought Anivia, and have been doing pretty fairly well with her. I am starting to near the level 20 mark, when getting the tier 3 runes will start making a big difference. I have a pretty solid item build down, and I'm just wondering what Runes would supplement this best. I currently start off with a
Saphire crystal and 2 health pots --->Tear of the goddess
Boots of Speed ---> Sorcerer's Shoes
Tear of the goddess ---> Archangel's Staff
Rod of Ages eventually or Soul Stealer if I'm doing well
Zhonyas Ring
Void Staff
Or something like for my item build. Then I go 9/0/21, except that im not level 30, but thats how I'm building up to it. I'm using Tier 1 only, Magic Pen for marks, Mana per/5 seals, and cooldown per/level glyphs, and a flat health quintessence.

Of course I know there is a lot of debate about what is good for her and what is not. I know some people like to go for more magic pen, and others like to go for pure AP. So any comments to this would be and really big help to this newcomer. I have also browsed around the forums for some helpful tips, but I'm not sure which ones are out dated, and which ones are not.

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Look at my caster runes pretty much same as yours but t3 and for cd i dont use the per lvl i use the flat. You should build a cat first item than tear. Cat gives you more health cause your squishie and it lets you stay in your lane longer to farm more and lvl up. I do cat > lvl 1 boots > tear > AAS > Sorc >Banshee >Situational item or zring