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Teemo build

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I've been playing Teemo for a while, but I can't seem to find a really good item and rune build for him.
Any suggestions?
Thanks for the help.

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Junior Member


1. mejai
2. boots
3. usually rod of ages (but if u r winning like no tomorrow then skip this and proceed to 4)
4. zhonya, but if u r losing, upgrade ur boots to sorcerer boots for better escape (jus turtle everytime they push, n wait it out until ur rod of ages buffs u up n meanwhile get some kills from their run out patience
5. lich bane
6. death fire grasp
7. rylai

ap teemo is awesome, but u rly have to play smart to kick ass.
btw, ap teemo is way better than dps teemo if u r ever in doubt

im jus not sure if cd reduction still works on teemo's new ult. if it does then all cd reduction glyphs, mana regen seals, magic pen marks, quints will b either cd reduct or magic pen or health.

masteries go all the way with utility with remaining on offense. choose specific 1s accordingly from an ap standpoint ofc.