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Poke = Win, there needs to be a change here

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Jonny L33t:
Ive had many games where ive noticed this trend, yes a poke comp can lose power as the game goes on but when that ranged comes with any combo of CCs and your team lacks CC and any ranged to strong inniating tank/bruisers, you lose early and stay losing and games will not last long enough for the balance to shift. I truely the competely randomized team setup should dialed back a bit

Idea: have set roles that are randomized amoung the players and the champs that fill that roll also randomized, this is to offer a higher chance of balanced team play while having the randomized factor.
only issue this has i beleive is that some people only have a few champs and some may only have all AP mid champs and nothing else so randomizing into a roll they dont have a champ for can offer a unbalanced team setup....a possible fix would be to set up the free champ rotation to include every role in its selection

just an idea ive been sitting on

This idea has as much traction as an ice cube on an oil slick. Balanced teams aren't the point of ARAM. And the moment you have some kind of 'ideal' team comp picked by Riot such that each team is supposed to be 'balanced', you just killed the game mode completely. If you want 'balance', play blind pick or draft custom games. Or go play SR.

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Since the classic forums will be converted to "read only" with the transition to the lol reddit lol style forums, need to get some less-terrible (dare I say "helpful&quot threads to the top.