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Possible Cooldown error

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im not sure if this is my computer or not. but since this newest patch ive had an error on my cooldowns, where when you use a spell the box blues out as normal, and starts the clock effect to show when it will be up. but it seems a tad slow, and Instead of showing it accurately, it "Clocks" to being 3/4 of the way cooled down then says its ready, and it is, so its like the cooldown timer is lagging. And the spell is ready when the cooldown timer is at 75%

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I have the same error , its quite annoying because i play Twitch. It not only affects my cooldowns but also my debuffs and buffs(stealth). I sometimes think i have like 20 seconds more of stealth but then i shift out of stealth.

Also , i think everythign is out of sync , but its not a lag issue.
Even when i die, if i have 50 seconds to revive , it'll revive me at like the 15 second mark.