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Riot, please read. All of the Irelia art is awesome

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I think all of the Irelia art shown so far is awesome. I like the original concept art, the new revamped concept, and the in game art. The different styles show off different aspects of Irelia.

The community seems very torn on the issue of her change in style. So, this is a request for a compromise. I think both versions to be kept in game. I think most people like both, but they really were excited to see the deadly, stoic assassin theme for her main skin, as it would be more fitting to her lore.

I don't think many people would have any issue with the newer concept as a skin. Most people just fell in love with the original concept. However, no one was happy with her proportions. I personally think the proportions were just the result of the semi-abstract style that a lot of artists use in quick concept designs (look at the Miss Fortune concept...). They wouldn't have made it into the final product anyway. I think there was a lot of complaining for no reason. However, you did a good job of showing you were listening (and perhaps fixing, if it was really going to end up like that).

So, one of the versions should be kept in as a buyable skin. This should appeal to those of us who like both styles. It also adds more depth and variety to the character, with the newer model perhaps revealing what she was like before she became battle hardened (or maybe on a good day with lots of caffeine in her system). The art team went through a ton of work adapting the community's complaints, and it would truly be a shame if all of that work went to waste because no one in the community could make up their mind.

I applaud your efforts to listen to the community. People were not happy with her proportions, so you fixed it. I can think of only a few other game developer studios who actually listen to their playerbase this much on such a basis. It is not easy for a group of developers to sort through so much feedback and then make changes in such a quick manner. Not many companies can say they have this level of customer service. Seriously, good job!

Give us both skins!