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Silver Zen

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Rewards : WISDOM + 1pts/ENDURANCE + 2pts / FOCUS + 2pts

Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure... than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat.
~Theodore Roosevelt

You have done very well to make it this far.


Once upon a time there was an old Zen Gamer who had played his games for many years. One day his computer broke down. Upon hearing the news, his fans came to visit. “Such bad luck, the tournament starts in two days.” they said sympathetically.

“Maybe,” the Zen Gamer replied.

The next morning the computer started working and was three times faster. “How wonderful,” the fans exclaimed.

“Maybe,” replied the Zen Gamer.

The following day, he took his computer to a huge eSports gaming tournament, where it broke down again, and he had to forfeit his first match. He was dropped to the losers’ bracket. The fans again came to offer their sympathy on his misfortune.

“Maybe,” answered the Zen Gamer.

The next day, his computer started working again, and he won every match, even the grand finals. The fans congratulated the Zen Gamer on how well things had turned out.

“Maybe,” said the Zen Gamer as he received a large check.

The secret to improving your gameplay is never to accept defeat. Practice engraving this principle on your mind. Never accept defeat. But what is defeat?

Defeat is a form of negativity, a feeling that you get inside of your mind and body.

Don’t accept it. It doesn’t have to consume your reality. Do not let defeat ever become your focus. Never focus on defeat! It doesn’t matter if the entire world is telling you that you’re defeated; never accept it.

If you begin to feel defeated, confused, or down in ENERGY, immediately shift the FOCUS of your thoughts to something positive or constructive. If you can’t shake the feeling of defeat, then it’s highly recommended that you take a break from playing.

Here are some examples of positive FOCUS shifts:

Your team has just lost and is sitting in the lobby with the opposing team. Nobody on your team performed well, and the score is totally one-sided in the enemy’s favor.

Your allies are insulting each other, and the enemy is laughing and calling you noobs. You start to feel embarrassed and start making excuses for your performance. “Sorry, I had lag.” You start to say, but your Zen AWARENESS kicks in.

Everything STOPS. You withdraw your focus from the small picture and start to analyze the big picture.

You really like how coordinated the enemy team was, and you remember some of the actions they performed. You make a mental note of this and then compliment them.

“GG, nice plays (team name). I like how you all worked together and coordinated your moves. Any tips you could share with our team? Our focus is on getting better each game we play, and I’m excited to try some new things next game.”

Giving honest compliments means your focus is on the positive. You are helping to grow eSports and improving your abilities.

If the opposing team has any respect for the legitimization of gaming, they will answer your question and give you some useful tips.

For eSports to evolve and be taken seriously on a professional level, we must make a conscious effort to be honorable or “mannered.” The more professional eSport players become, the more money and respect gamers will receive.

Imagine a world in which professional gamers are paid more than star athletes and treated as celebrities. It’s absolutely possible, but it starts with you, and your own personal evolution.

Every game is a unique chance for you to level up your different attributes. Focus on leveling up and focus on being the best player that you can be.

Honestly, complimenting a player that performed well is a great way of leveling up APPEAL. We are all connected, and each opponent is merely a reflection of our own creating.

Therefore, perceiving or calling allies or enemies “noobs,” strengthens the “noob” inside of you.

The more honor/manners you have, the more you perceive the positive that is inherent in all humans.

A Zen Gamer perceives his allies and enemies as true friends. A true friend challenges you to evolve to your highest level.

“Am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of them?”
~Abraham Lincoln

Thank you for reading the third level of "Zen Gaming and the Art of Electronic Sports" I really appreciate all comments and feedback. If you would like the full version of this book e-mail me or message my facebook page(link below) Attached below are Levels 1-3. You can also purchase a hard copy at Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, or any other large online book stores - on sale for $6.93 - well worth the price I promise.


Your Friend,
Lee Southard

"Lee Southard is president of Zen Gamers Inc., a gaming and coaching firm. He has been called “the Buddha of Online Gaming” for his fusion of spirituality and gaming wisdom. His books are widely read, and his gaming insights and coaching are sought after by professional players worldwide. He is a US Army infantry veteran who served in Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom."

I appreciate comments, positive and negative. I take the time to read and respond to them all. Thumbs up if you want me to post more levels




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I've never read anything like this, really like the quote by Lincoln

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post more.....liked your facebook page how do i get copy of book? Also how many players have you recruited for your international team--I would like to apply. I have a passport and I understand you pay for plane tickets?