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Level 2 : Let's have some FUN - Increase APPEAL and ENDURANCE

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Silver Zen

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Rewards: APPEAL + 2pts/ ENDURANCE + 2PTS


Electronic games are exciting, and they have many positive attributes, such as advancing your ability to think logically. They also increase your mind’s ability to solve complex problems and to quickly multitask and improve hand-eye coordination.

Resource management, creative thinking, strategic planning, accuracy, pattern recognition, diligence, memory, concentration, teamwork, and creativity are just a few of the other positive aspects of gaming.

All the positive aspects can be amplified and tested by going online and challenging other players. With modern matchmaking systems, you will be partnered with an opponent who is close to you in skill.

The stronger the opponent you face, the stronger you must become. What an awesome system. It reminds me of Dragon Ball Z, in which the characters are constantly seeking out the best fighters to improve their own fighting ability.

eSports is your playground. Enjoy.


Another reason to enjoy and be excited about gaming is the growing number of tournaments with prize pools in the millions of dollars.

As eSports becomes more organized and popular, an increased number of gamers will be able to make a profitable living off their tournament winnings. The more eSports continues to grow and spread, the bigger the paychecks for players

The key to growing eSports is not scaring off ANY player, newbie or professional.

We all know it’s not fun playing a game in which you are constantly being insulted and belittled. You get a bad taste in your mouth and may decide to play another game or do something else entirely.

We all make mistakes and have bad games. There is no need to reinforce this negative reality by beating someone up for making a foul. No teammate should ever insult another. It simply adds insult to injury to someone who is playing a game for fun.

Driving off anyone interested in playing a game is tantamount to delivering a direct and devastating blow to eSports. These former players may have become great fans, professionals, commentators, promoters, or just happy gamers.

Take the time to help ALL players. If anyone has an honest question, do your best to answer him or her. The more they feel welcomed and appreciated, the longer they will stick around.

A Zen Gamer recognizes that each moment spent playing a game is a dream come true.

“Do you know what my favorite part of the game is? The opportunity to play.”
~ Mike Singletary


Thank you for reading the second level of "Zen Gaming and the Art of Electronic Sports" I really appreciate all comments and feedback. If you would like the full version of this book e-mail me or message my facebook page(link below). You can also purchase a hard copy at Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, or any other large online book stores - on sale for $6.93 - well worth the price I promise.

Your Friend,
Lee Southard

"Lee Southard is president of Zen Gamers Inc., a gaming and coaching firm. He has been called “the Buddha of Online Gaming” for his fusion of spirituality and gaming wisdom. His books are widely read, and his gaming insights and coaching are sought after by professional players worldwide. He is a US Army infantry veteran who served in Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom."

I appreciate comments, positive and negative. I take the time to read and respond to them all




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I love people who promote eSports - I've been following your post - most of them are pretty epic- do you coach on skype?

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Games are fun - a lot of people talk negatively about games but I really feel that they have helped me adapt to are new technology - problem solving skills are a must - I am really good at figuring out new things too - probably from all the games I play