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Leauge of Legends Movie Ideas

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A while ago a thread got started about who would be the protagonist, antagonist, support, comic relief, narrator etc. if there was a league of legends movie. Although some of the posts I found funny and they sounded like it would be good, I wanted to start another thread with my own views on it.

Protagonist-I think that Ezreal would be a perfect main character in a lol movie. He has all of the epic looks and looks like a common main character. A lot of people said Garen, but I just didn't agree with it. Although Garen fights for good and justice, he is TOO generic and normal to be a good protagonist. Garen would maybe be some king or master who has Ezreal go on a long journey for some epic quest.

Antagonist-I agreed mostly with what people said about this: maybe Karthus or Nocturne. Anyone scary and evil. Maybe even the new Trundle.

Supporting Role-I think that Zac and Annie could be great supporting roles. Zac is all about protecting others and fighting for the good of society. Annie just seems like a good person to be with on a journey IMO.

Comic Relief-I think that Teemo could be an excellent role for this that they find along the way of their journey. I also think that Veigar could be a comic relief who tries to be as evil as he can, but ends up being very funny.

Narrator-I think that Zilean would be an amazing narrator because he seems very wise and he's and epic time mage.

Anyway, those are just my opinions that I wanted to get out, and see what you guys had to say about it. Thank you.

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Frost Archer

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One should never make a movie on games with crappy or no storyline. Have you seen king of fighters? For that matter, they shouldn't make movie adaptations of animes either. It just doesn't work, you'll get pretty bad reviews, and the movie simply wouldn't be good. Tbh, the only game out there worthy of getting a movie made for it is Halo

Just my two cents.
And wrong forum. Just realized that.