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[SOLUTION] Mac Client will not open at all.

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Its BleaK

Junior Member


Hello guys!

Today, my mac client wouldn't open at ALL since this last patch.

Other things that I've noticed(Please confirm if this happened to you too):

Chat Bug -
Everytime I type "!" in chat, it will erase all previous text that I've typed and only ! remains.

EXTREMELY slow load times -
Once the champions have been locked in and we go to the VS screen for the map load, there's a point where my client gets hung up and it now takes about 5-6 minutes for my client to actually load into the game.

- Download a fresh copy of LoL mac client from the website
- Install and "Keep both" in your applications folder
- Now have both copies of LoL open in their respective "contents" folder which you can reach by right clicking the client and clicking "Show package contents".
- Now JUST drag your old projects folder and replace it with the fresh LoL mac client's projects folder.


This solution worked for me, hopefully it works for you. I believe it has to do with a corruption of the RAD files, but I could be wrong.

Thanks and please comment if this worked for you, or if you're experiencing the same bugs!

*This method has fixed the slow load/hang up times and the mac client now responds perfectly again. But the "!" chat bug still persists.

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The exclamation issue (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=3394435) was actually first reported by RiotBrentmeister, and will be fixed soon.

As to the load times, when you say "hung up" do you mean the loading screen is freezing entirely? Or is your loading percentage just moving very slowly?

As to your not opening bug, its rare, but they're looking into it. What seems to happen is a file the game needs to launch just disappears. Its usually caused by closing the client forcefully, and sometimes through using the Repair function. Solutions include reinstalling, copying your patch files over to a new install (what you did), or copying the missing file over from a new install to your old one.

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Its BleaK

Junior Member


Well, like I said, the fresh copy of LoL with the patch files fixed the hang up. My LoL would literally load up to roughly 10-26% then freeze for 2-3 minutes straight, then continue to load slowly. And I'd be in the game between a minute - 2 minutes after everyone else summoned. Also I wouldn't be able to tab out of the screen so it also points to me that the game would just freeze entirely for a short period.

Now that issue has dissapeared entirely thankfully.

Also thanks for your feedback on the other issues.