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I just don't get Amumu.

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AP is horrible on him, sunfires give you survivability and far more damage per gold

This depends on your enemies. If they're very tank-heavy, AP's increase to Despair leads to more damage.

But in general, yeah, Sunfires are the way to go.

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He's a team tank and combos extremely well with any major AoE.

I don't know that I would really try to pug with him.

Try setting him up with a competant Morgana.

Morgana: Shield on Amumu
Amumu: Bandage toss in to a group.
Morgana: Flash into the group, Ulti, Tormented Soil, toss a Dark Binding.
Amumu: Ulti, Despair on, Tantrum

There are similarly devastating combos with Katrina (3 seconds of standing still + Katrina's Ulti = wrecking ball. Same for Fiddlesticks, Ryze, Nunu, Gangplank to some extent, Anivia. Amumu has about the perfect setup for a massive AoE sadstorm.

Add into that Bandage toss has a short cooldown for a stun+damage, simply hitting an enemy with a physical attack sets them up to be wrecked by any magic damage dealer, and his movement speed is a bit faster than a lot of the tanks (base is 310 for Amumu).

He's a good team player... but you're going to find him lacking if you're in a pickup where nobody is working together.

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My usual item build for amumu is
1. Meki pendant-> Chalice
2. Boots -> Mercury Tread's
3. Sunfire Cape
4. Sunfire Cape
5. Abyssal Scepter
6. Game doesnt usually last this long, if it does then choose based on the enemies in the game

For summon spells I usually choose Heal and Clarity. I think clarity is very useful for amumu, because without the golem buff you will not be able to use despair much early to mid game. Also your badange toss costs a lot of mana for a character who doesnt build into much mana. There is nothing more annoying then only having 100 mana left with an enemy in bandage range and less then 100 health.

It is also true that he is not very tanky at all until you get at least 1 Giant's Belt, but once you have the MR from your chalice and mercury tread's and a scepter, and the armor and health from the capes you can take as well as anyone.

Also people say that he is not good without a team to back you up, but I have gone 22-3 with him in a game where we lost, and all my other teamates were incredible feeders (pug ofc). I was fed a little bit early game so I got my first cape faster then usual, but late in the game i could take 2-3 of them on with no problem.

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Wow. I finally cracked it.

Played a game today where the team was doing terribly, and i was barely holding out. Careful timing of my ult led to a surprise doublekill, which boosted my cash enough that things just started snowballing. The enemy carry was 3 levels higher than me, slaughtered 2 of my teammates, but I managed to kill him while he was retreating, netting me 1000G bonus. Then came the sunfire cape.

Long story short, 15/4/7. LOVE the little guy, he's incredibly tanky once you start stacking items on him, and despair/sunfire/tantrum is beastly