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Journal Entry: The Poro

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The Poro

Class: Unknown
Origin: Unknown
Strength: Undetermined
Weakness: None Found
Size: Approximately 30cm long and 25cm tall
Disposition: Benevolent/Curious
Location: The poro is a rare creature which can only be found in the Howling Abyss region of Freljord. While sightings have been reported in other areas of the north, they were either confirmed as a hoax or the poro in question had been retrieved from the howling abyss.

Observations: I have been living among the poros for weeks now, and.. I feel almost like they have adopted me as family. They are absolutely trusting and seem to have no fear. In all my time here, I have not noticed one single poro falling prey to a predator; in fact, despite their apparent weakness and small size, predators almost seem to fear them....

A point of fact, not two days ago I witnessed (From a long way off, I must remember to thank Heimerdinger for this most excellent spyglass) a trio of poros walking along the ice, right though the middle of a pack of direwolves. The pack actually split and moved out of the poros way. Most astonishing.

The will eat anything, or at least they have been willing to eat anything I offer them from my pack, although they seem to have a particular fondness for the biscuits I bought from Morgana's bakery just before I left.

The poros are without a doubt the friendliest creatures I have ever encountered. They are everywhere in this region, and I have never woken up to less than 5 poros meandering around my camp. The poros will allow you to pet them, lift them, toss them (this does not hurt them in slightest, I have yet to witness a single injured poro), or indeed do anything at all. They bear everything with what appears to be great curiosity and cheer. There is a distinctive sound they make when they are pleased which makes anyone hearing it feel absurdly happy. In fact, several times after giving out Morgana's biscuits, I have come to my senses hours later with a feeling of great euphoria.

More astonishing is that as I mentioned, the poros appear to be invulnerable to any type of injury. Last week I witnessed a poro falling though the air from a cliff far above me. I immediately deduced where it would land and ran as fast as I could towards the spot, dreading what I would find. Imagine my surprise when I arrived to find the poro in question getting to it's feet and ambling towards where I stood in shock. Not a scratch on it.

These magical creatures, for I must assume they have some innate power to exist as they do, seem to be completely benevolent and peaceful as well. I have observed no conflict among the poros, indeed they have not shown an ounce of aggression toward anything at all. This is most extraordinary, for even among relatively docile species, aggression can usually be found at the very least during mating season.

Which brings me to my next observation, I have not been able to determine a gender for any of the poros I have encountered. There appears to be no obvious distinction of male and female. I have found no young poros despite arduously searching for days on end, and have found no variation in size or shape of any poro. This indicates that they reproduce by either magical means or some way unknown to the animal kingdom, though more research is needed.

I hope to discover more, but my supplies have run low, (especially the biscuits) and I must cut short my exploration of this fascinating species. Hopefully I can return soon and continue my research.

- This is the beginning of what I hope will be a long, fun journal series with this explorer, starting when he comes back resupplied and ready to discover the secrets of the Poro. -

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Mr Ratz

Senior Member


Well done. Excited to the the results of more research. Poros however, are harmed by the fountain laser behind the nexus. Also, inside the fountain they become targetable and can be attacked by champions

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Senior Member


erma gerd, very nice.

I sort of feel a toriko (anime if you're not familiar w/ it) reference with a power level of immeasurable would be more appropriate :P.