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Beginning of the End [Freljord Pieces]

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A little something I wrote regarding the whole Freljord event that's going on. I have a few other pieces I will be adding in this thread later.


Sejuani hated to hear that word these days. So cold and emotionless when directed at her. She pushed her feeling aside and stood up, letting her report flow from her lips. "The ursine tribe reports that there have been little to no problems as of late. No fights or deaths have been reported."

Ashe nodded as she wrote on a piece of paper that sat beside her, "That is good to hear. I'm pleased that they have not fallen victim to the latest increase in violence. And the others?"

"Olaf and his also have nothing to report," Sejuani clenched her fist and took a deep breath, "They both request to have these new restrictions taken back. They feel these restrictions are unfair."

The other woman hummed before shaking her head, "I'll have to deny the requests. With the increase in violence and the news of an ice witch roaming about, we can't allow for lower restrictions. I'm sure they will understand, Sejuani."

"But these restrictions are only against a select few, Ashe. You are letting your biased opinions about these people influence your decisions!" Sejuani said between clenched teeth, trying her best to hold her increasing anger in. It would do not good to start yelling.

Ashe merely frowned and continued to write on her paper, "We must. We can not keep the peace if we allow them to run rampant."

"Peace, " Sejuani spat out, "that is all you care about. Peace and Unity. The more you speak of peace the more you are tearing me apart!" She slammed her fist down on the table, making Ashe look at her.

"You do not seem to understand that not everyone wishes for peace, Ashe. Some of us hunger for war and for bloodshed. I hunger for war as do the ursine, as does Olaf! We desire to unleash our violence and our anger, and the more you hold us back the more it builds! You are playing a danger game and soon you will regret what you are doing."

Ashe started at her for a moment before starting to open her mouth, but Sejuani just scoffed, "Don't look at me that way. I can not stand to see the pity in your eyes, nor the disgust. You think me nothing more than a monster for my desires."

"No, Sejuani, I think no such thing!" Ashe interrupted, getting to her feet, "I would never think such things!"

"But you do! You think such things whenever you see me! I see how you can not even stand to look at Bristle! You prattle on about peace and unity, and yet you can not even stand the facets of me that crave the exact opposite! You wish I was the same as you, the same as Lissandra!" Sejuani yelled, feeling her eyes fill with tears, "You wish I was not me!"

Silence filled the tense atmosphere before Sejuani stepped back from the table.

"I'm done."

Ashe frowned, "Done? Done with what?"

"Done with you, done with your peace. I and the ursine tribe are done with the restrictions to our nature and we are done with your pathetic ways. You can expect the same from Olaf and his as well. We are done with hiding and done with being peaceful."

Sneering, Sejuani picked up her mace and walked to the door, "You best wish we not meet again."

"Sejuani, no, please," Ashe began, stepping around the table.

"Because the next time I see you, we will be enemies on the battle field," and she left. The door hung open behind her and she could hear Ashe calling out after her.



Lissandra watched in twisted fascination as her people trained. She could almost feel their hearts harden into ice as they heard the 'ancient' stories and accepted them as truth. She could feel their hatred begin to rise for those around them.

"Lissandra!" A voice called from behind her and she checked herself to make sure her magical illusion held. She turned to catch sight of Sejuani and Bristle walking up the pathway. She forced a sweet smile and inclined her head, "Sejuani, what a surprise, I had not expected you."

Sejuani just nodded, "I'm assuming you've heard?"

With a frown, Lissandra shook her head, "Heard what?"

"I have split from Ashe. I find her to unfit to lead the Freljord. I came to ask if you would ally with me in the coming conflict."

A rush of dark joy filled her and she had to remember where she was to stop her illusion from breaking, "Oh dear. I don't know what to say."

"Say yes, ally with me to bring down Ashe. Her campaign of peace and unity will destroy the Freljord and we must do something." Sejuani tightened her grip on Lissandra's shoulders.

Plans flew around in her head and she slowly shook her head, "I am sorry Sejuani. I can not ally with you. My people..." She forced fear and worry onto her face.

Sejuani seemed to catch on and gave a sharp nod, "If you can not ally with me, promise not to ally to her. She will ruin us Lissandra. Ruin us."

"I promise."


She watched as Sejuani rode off and let a smile come to her face.

It seems her plans would come about sooner than she expected.

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Piece 2

Sejuani didn't flinch as the hammer slammed against the metal. She only watched as it was pounded out into sufficient armor for the upcoming battles. The fire flared and the metal was placed into it, softening until it was pliable again.

"Are you pleased so far with its look?" A gruff voice asked from behind her. She spun around and glared at the figure, "I care little for it's outward appearance, ursine. I only wish for it to last through a conflict. You can make it look however you wish, just make it strong."

A growl answered her but she rolled her eyes and brought her fingers up to her lips and let out a whistle that caused the ursine around her to flinch. It took only a moment for Bristle to push aside the blacksmith's door and come to stand beside her.

"Bristle will need armor as well. I would not wish him to fall in the middle of battle to carefully aimed arrows."

The ursine went to work. Measuring, testing, and placing the various components of the armor on them. She could barely stand the fuss these bears put into the armors appearance, but the quality of work made up for it.

She passed over her mace, wincing as it was smashed and put back to together. Ice magic swirled around it and the metal glinted in the fire's light.
Soon she stood before a tall crude mirror, admiring the work.

"I can work with it."

Bristle snorted next to her.

Ashe stared at the map that was spread over the large table. The room was empty, her advisers having left some time ago. She, however, stayed.
Several wooden figured littered the map, representing the various elements of the war. One figure, stuck into a corner, had her main attention.

The figure to represent Sejuani.

She felt a tightening in her chest at the thought, but she pushed it away as she continued to examine the markings around the figurine. Mountains, forests, and rivers blocked all possible routes into the area. Sejuani had found herself a base that was completely protected from any outside forces.
She slammed her hand against the table in frustration before bringing it up to rub at her forehead. She could feel the headache forming, but knew she didn't have the time to nurse it. She just needed to figure this out and then maybe she could go to the kitchen and grab whatever was left of that nights dinner.


Her husbands voice startled her as she reached to grab her own figurine. It rolled off the table as she turned to face him, "Tryndamere."

His dressing gown caught her by surprise. She didn't think it so late that he had begun to head to bed.

He ran his eyes over her, a frown on his face, "Come to bed."

She only shook her head and turned back to the table, "I can not. There is too much left to plan and little to no time to waste on sleep."

"You have made no more progress since I last came in. All you have done is frustrate yourself and cause tension to flare in those around you," He laid a hand on her shoulder and squeezed, "Come to bed, Ashe."

She stared at the map, her anger dissipating as she took in his words. Nothing had changed since her advisers had left. She had not figured out a safe route into Sejuani's territory nor had she come up with a plan to combat the ice witch.

The weight of her title wore on her and all she could think of was how terribly she must be failing her people.

"Am I that bad of a leader?"

He did not answer for some time before the hand on her shoulder tightened, "You are a better leader than I."

She closed her eyes and allowed her husband to lead her to bed, thoughts swimming in her head.

The cold invigorated her. It filled her to capacity and flowed over into the Frostguard.

She almost purred at how willingly they had followed her, how eagerly they slaughtered for her.

She watched the blood that ran from their victims freeze on the ground, making frozen rivers. The Frostguard sang her name as they destroyed village after village.

Soon, all of Frelyord would sing her name, not just the Frostguard.

Soon, all would know of her and would worship her.

The avalanche was building and war was coming.

Her time had come.