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New Quests!!!!!!

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Geoff The Cat

Junior Member


I was derping around in the code and I stumbled on these, right with Rengar/Ka'Zix quests...
I'll just paste the code and bold the important parts

tr "game_quest_description_avl_start" = "<mainText>Lissandra is an abomination. Ashe must eliminate her to protect her people.</mainText>"
tr "game_quest_description_avs_start" = "<mainText>Sejuani cannot be reasoned with. Ashe must defeat her to build a better future for the Freljord.</mainText>"

tr "game_quest_description_khazixhunt" = "<subtitleLeft>The Hunt is On!</subtitleLeft><mainText>Kha'Zix must kill Rengar first to become the ultimate predator. (Assists count.)<br><br><font color='#FDD017'>''I have grown and adapted since I took his eye. I will feast on lion!'' - Kha'Zix</font><br></mainText>"
tr "game_quest_description_lva_start" = "<mainText>Ashe is a powerful symbol to her people. Lissandra must kill her, so they will fall in line.</mainText>"
tr "game_quest_description_lvs_start" = "<mainText>Sejuani is too reckless and powerful to control. Lissandra must put her down.</mainText>"

tr "game_quest_description_rengarhunt" = "<subtitleLeft>The Hunt is On!</subtitleLeft><mainText>Rengar must kill Kha'Zix first to become the ultimate hunter. (Assists count.)<br><br><font color='#FDD017'>''This twisted monster has evaded me for too long. I will have his head!'' - Rengar</font><br></mainText>"
tr "game_quest_description_sva_start" = "<mainText>Ashe's peaceful alliance must be broken. Sejuani must kill her and rule with strength.</mainText>"
tr "game_quest_description_svl_start" = "<mainText>Lissandra is an abomination. Sejuani must crush her to purify the Freljord.</mainText>"

tr "game_quest_name_khazixhunt" = "The Hunt is On!"
tr "game_quest_name_threesisters" = "Battle for Freljord"

Don't know if theres already a post on this, but I saw this and got really excited. This is a direct excerpt from the code and it makes me happy to have more quests

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does no one read spoiler sites?

ROG makes money somehow