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What file is 'GameMouseSpeed=' in on mac client?

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Hey guys,

Quick question: So i recently started playing on a Mac, and like many others, had mouse sensitivity/acceleration issues.

The way that I finally found that was comfortable for me was that I went in and manually edited the game file that contained GameMouseSpeed=5 or whatever.

So I was dumb and when I encountered the 33% patch, I panicked and uninstalled and tried to reinstall the game (it is patching right now). I'm a bit worried that I won't be able to remember the exact settings I was using, but it starts by finding the file I was editing.

I opened 'Show Package Contents' but atm can't seem to track down the file name. Does anyone know what directory on a mac I would find that file? Thanks!

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I'm curious, does anybody know how this text edit method "feels" compared to using the software mouse method? (Disable vsync, More Options, Mouse Speed slider) Do they interact, or does the setting only work with software or hardware mouse individually?

The file that contains this setting is under League of Legends > Contents > LOL > game.cfg

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if you are used to the PC acceleration, you should consider getting this: http://smoothmouse.com/

Once you open it in your System Preferences, you can adjust your mouse settings so they are "Like in Windows."

Let me know how it goes for you!