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Nearfar branches off into fanfic

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Hi all! Some of you may know me from my Great Works of Literature LoLified thread. Guess what? I've gone to the dark side. That's right! Instead of ripping off the Greats and ruining their classics I've decided it's time to exhibit some of my own stuff.

First story should be up.

Readers beware. It may or may not get raunchy in there. I haven't decided yet.
Come check it out.
Feedback/praise/death threats accepted as always.

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I decided to post the first part of my little OC (your's truly) X Morgana here to spark interest. Let me know what you think/what needs work. <3

The Nearfar Record:

Compiled from the Writings and Notes of Summoner Nearfar


The shivering figure of the summoner hunched over the desk shoved into the corner of his tiny dwelling space in the Institute of War. His breathing was a ragged rasp and reflected the urgency with which his hand dragged a pen across the page. His hand jerked at the end of a sentence and sent the ink bottle he hastily tried to dip the pen in crashing to the floor. A pool of blackness seeped slowly into the carpet as he thrust back the chair and reached to retrieve it. He swore once for knocking his ink over and again as a faint knocking at his door reverberated softly through the room and into the tangled mess of thoughts that spun cacophonously in his mind.

Part 1

Let it be clear from the outset that I abhor writing in the first person. Let it also be clear that the experiences I have had of late are incommunicable without resorting to it.

I have always been an...unorthodox summoner I suppose. That feeling of wielding power through another's being is an indescribable experience. The feeling of controlling another's actions and form are far more profound. It is intoxicating. It is revolutionary. It is a changing experience. I remember my first summoning: the taste of the air alive with magic in the chamber, the swirling eddies of blue light that consumed my vision as the process began, the feel of my being merging with another wholly alien consciousness.


It was at that moment that I made the decision that from then on I would where the required robes in the chamber but nothing under them. The feeling of that magic across bare skin was, for lack of a better word, arousing and I later determined that clothing interfered with that most pleasurable condition. I am many things. A man who denies himself pleasure is not one of them.

The first time a voice other than my own arched across my mind it was disorienting.

"Ah..." the voice crooned, "I see the newest batch has arrived all doe eyed and dew kissed."

I remember trying to breath. To separate my own thoughts from the torrent of magic connecting me to my first summoned champion, the Fallen Angel Morganna.

"I...they never...said it would be...so overwhelming" My inner voice struggled for cohesion.

I started as a spark seemed to shoot up my arm. Breath came fast and hard.

"Be at ease summoner." The voice whispered, "We will bring them pain." It added with a sultry maliciousness.

"Is it always this disorienting?"

"Only the first few times" the voice assured me. "At least that's what I am told by the others who summon me."

"That is reassuring." I added, her confidence calming my nerves and breath.

I felt power at my finger tips. Her power. It was intoxicating.

In a moment, we blinked away the bright light that bathed the Rift. I couldn't help but admire the beauty of the place despite the battles that waged constantly across its fields. Towers, demolished and rebuilt constantly stood majestically along the three lanes of the arena as if freshly raised.

"Are you anxious summoner? Do you crave their blood as I do?" whispered the dark lady across our link.

"I do. The fields call out for it my lady." I whispered back.

"Then let us begin." She replied with blood lust masquerading as glee.

I laughed with her.


I returned to my room after the match thoroughly worn out from the battle. It was clear to me now why I had entered the Institute in the first place. I was addicted to power in all its forms and manifestations. Morganna's dark magics had inflamed that desire to new heights. I felt the thrill when she bound an opponent and I shuddered with dark pleasure as they slowly melted away before her power.

My head was spinning from the new sensations of being acknowledged at last as a Summoner. I was positively giddy with my accomplishment and collected a small bag of herbs and amber pipe for a stroll through some of the more secluded gardens littering the Institute's grounds.

Three gates and a left down a dirt trail later and I found myself surrounded by the deep greens and shocking purples of what some call "Acolyte's Rest". Winding down two more trails I found my favorite spot on an ancient stone bench beneath two towering trees. I breathed deep the still air and found it somehow different. The plants around me were more noticeable. The faint musty smell of the forest seemed to suggest to me that no one had been through here in quite some time.

"Good." I said to myself.

With that I settled about packing and lighting my pipe. The pungent smell wafting down the path I had walked to arrive. I drew deep with eyes closed and thought I heard soft footsteps padding the trail from the opposite direction I had come from. I blew out the smoke and through the haze I saw a figure coming through the shadowy low hanging branches.

I continued to watch the figure approaching. I squinted but the light filtering through the trees combined with the relaxing properties of these particular herbs still shrouded the identity of the intruder. I replaced the stem in my teeth and drew again. The figure at this point could be distinguished as female. Female and Tall I decided.

I decided then to break the silence and make her aware of my silent vigil.

"Good afternoon. It's an unusual sight to see other people out this far." at this point I rose from the bench, "Not that company is entirely unwan..." I stopped mid-word and stood slack jawed.

"Close your mouth Summoner. Swallowing flies will be the least of your worries should you continue to gape at me like that." Her wicked smirk did nothing to hide the venom in her voice.

I shook my head and promptly inclined it to her, "Apologies my lady." I hurried out, "I was afraid that I had become a bit too...relaxed and was seeing things." At this I held up the still-smoking pipe. "I was quite surprised to see you come walking out of the woods."

There was something strange about seeing her in person when I had been connected to her not an hour beforehand. It was the sort of sensation that can cause an existential crisis. And it did.

"I'm sorry if I have intruded on you Lady Morganna. I was seeking to clear my head after the match today. First time in the rift, as it were." I explained, chuckling at the end.

"And tell me Summoner." She grinned wider, "What was the rift like? Did you enjoy your first time in the rift? With me?" She cackled.

I was deeply uncomfortable. Nothing is more disarming than a woman with wit.

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Part 2 is posted to FF. Not sure how long it takes for them to actually update the story but its there for the reading! Comments/thoughts are always welcome.


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I'm sorry for posting in this again so soon but I was checking the story's traffic and I've had 2 people in Bahrain read it. Kinda blew my mind.

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Where is more?