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Team matchmaking feedback

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Hello to all.

First things first, I think LoL is a decent DotA remake, much better then Demigod.

However, there are some things that still need to be looked at.

But my biggest problem is the arranged team matchmaking system.

It all seems great: If u are with ure buddies in a team, logically u should do better on the battlefield. Therefore, higher lvls are looked for by the matchmaking AI.

However.... I played DotA for couple of years, so I now whats going on in LoL mostly. Now I have finally persuaded my IRL friends to play LoL, as it is something new and simillar to my dear DotA, so I can enjoy it with my friends. So we play together... None of us are noobes in MMO, RPGs, most of them played some DotA before etc... So we play together (that means 3 of us, always different friends, but always me)...

wins: 1
looses: 9

That seems like a lot of fun hmmmm ?

The end result?

Out of my 5 friends that i persuaded to play with me, 3 decided not to stick wit LoL as they want to play as a team (as lol is supposed to be a team game) and are sick and tired of loosing all the time. The rest of those 5 are still playing LoL from time to time. And the worst and most sad thing: Yesterday, we were all on skype, talking, but all 3 of us were playing LoL... but in different game... as we knew that if we would be together we would get oponents with lvls 25 above...

Any way to fix this? Maybe the lvl gap of players that the arranged team play against should be lower. (for eg.: three of us in a team are all lvl 5s, the opponents: lvl range:8-11, not 20 and above...)

it really pisses me off. I study business and im pretty sure this can be a big competetive dissadvantage when friends want to play together... especially now, that HoN is on the horrizon.

PS: sorry for my english, not my first language.

Bye, looking for some constructive feedback, thanks!

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Wait, so you're saying that because you end up with more difficult opponents while queuing as a group, you'd rather play solo? Are your friends just not very organized/not good team players, or what? I have found myself at a huge advantage while premaking LoL groups, but then my friends are all quite skilled at the game.

I realize this isn't really feedback, just my thoughts.