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Serious FPS issues

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Junior Member


I have a new 15" Retina 8GB RAM 256SSD MBP trying to play LoL, but getting FPS drops down to 15-20FPS during teamfights and sometimes just randomly.

Tried several fixes including "automatic graphics switching" and adjusting all settings to low, to no avail.

"Buy a pc, I already have one. Play LoL on that. Looks better on MBP also should work fine on MBP."

Are there any other fixes?

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Senior Member


This is usually recommended for people experiencing bad throttling due to improper fan speeds/overheating, but have you tried resetting the System Management Controller? < Apple support link (http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3964?viewlocale=en_US) >

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The biggest fixes are a SMC reset as mentioned above, plus the automatic graphics switching you mentioned.

You shouldn't have to play with all settings on low, at most you may need to disable vsync, disable shadows, and fiddle with the frame rate cap setting.

I suspect the issue is either overheating+throttling due to fans not spinning fast enough, and the smc reset will fix that.

It also might be due to you leaving something open in the background that's sucking up resources that might be needed for the game. (Don't leave a web browser open with a giant flash ad open in the background)