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Twisted Treeline Meta?

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So I don't get where each character should go. 2 people who need farm can't go bot together. So I am guessing there should be a support and a adc/bruiser at bot and a bruiser/adc at top??

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The closest thing to a "meta" Twisted Treeline has and is typically used in ranked is:

An AP to take the bottom lane
A tank/bruiser for top lane
(Usually) a tank/bruiser in the jungle

This is especially advantageous against teams who don't have a jungler, since you can out-level them.



^ Two links that I used when learning TT for the first time. They are both very helpful pages if you wanted to learn more.

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I've also read that there could be an ad marksman in the top lane, but only if your team works really well together.

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Go there and play only God Tier or First Tier champions. ADCs are not recommended unless you are amazing mechanically, have immaculate positioning and map awareness. It's usually bruiser ad top, bruiser ad with gap close jungle and apc with cc bottom lane.

Games are won in pick/ban and level 1-3, 3 kills is a HUGE lead, there is no late game. Push lanes, control altars, force fights and starve the enemy team of exp. If you have two levels up, force fights and take towers.

Also, Ichors are the best item in the game. If you aren't buying them by level 9 you're probably stuck in silver.