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Major VPU error with LoL on mac with upgraded card

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i'm running a second generation mac pro with a recently upgraded video card (this problem never happened before the upgrade)

i upgraded from the ati 512MB X1900 to the 1GB ati 5770 recently
once i finally got all the drivers installed and got it working, everything is working great...except LoL

when i'm on the Mac OS version, the game will seize up the video card leaving the mouse as the only moving thing on the screen...i can still hear the game as well as background applications, but i'm unable to tab out or force quit leaving me no other option but to hard restart my computer

when running the client in windows (although this happens less frequently) the VPU will crash leaving me a 10 second period where the screen is frozen...fortunately windows figures out what happened and reboots it leaving me with an option to send an error report to ATI (which is how i figured out what was happening in the first place)

LoL is the only application i've found affected by this, and while i much prefer to run apps in Mac OS given a choice, i really hate having to hard reboot every time this happens (sometimes multiple times in a single game)

not sure if this is a known issue (as the search on the forums doesn't work) but this seems pretty serious

if anyone has any fix ideas, i'd be glad to hear them

(in case it matters)
i'm running on a:
2.66 quad core
and the 1 GB 5770 mentioned above