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People like to look at champs with good survivability and declare that it is a tank, without actually stopping to ask if the champ would make an effective tank or not. Tanks need some way to protect their team, whether it's via initiating (a la Amumu) or by disrupting the enemy squishies with disables (a la Shen). If they can't do that, then they need to be dangerous enough that they are worth targeting in a fight without stacking damage items to do it (A la Garen).

If you don't actually have a way to do this, then you're not a tank. Sorry, tank Morde players, you're not actually tanks.

Malphite is a natural born tank, especially since his primary nuke actually scales off his armor. He's much more effective against physical DPS teams, but his initiation combo is frighteningly strong.

Udyr isn't a true tank in the literal sense, but he protects his team by running around smacking the enemy team at random in bear stance to disrupt them, while using phoenix stance's active to aoe them a bit.

Garen has good damage output with his spin, but doesn't scale well with traditional DPS items, hence the popular 'spam sunfire capes' build.

Olaf and Mundo are beefy DPSers. You see a lot of tank Mundos and it is sad. Beefy DPSers are supposed to get one or two tanky items/items that offer a lot of health, and then augment it with actual DPS gear. What would scare you more, a 5k hp Mundo that hits for peanuts outside of his cleavers (which won't kill you fast) but will take foreeeeeeveeeeer to kill, or a 3.5k hp Mundo with a frozen mallet, stark's and infinity edge, and still be durable enough that you're not going to drop him fast? Yeah.

Poppy tanks, but not in the traditional sense. Building her with tank items is wrong. She tanks by initiating for your team in that she will dive at the nearest dangerous target and destroy it before it can fight back. And she can't do that with sunfire capes.

I agree with everything you said.

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Many non-tank champion can become Tank if you select their skills, runes and items properly. Garen is an excellent example since he clearly have a tank-like ability that allow him to soak more damage, allowing Garen to fill that role if equiped properly.

Inversely, you could play an official Tank and focus on non-tank ability and turn out to be simply a figther or a mage. Technically Nunu is a tank, the dangerous Abosulte Zero make you want to smack him before he unleash his abiliyt and he can initiate with it. Ice Blast is pretty usefull for protecting your frenzied range ally out of the ennemy champion melee dps range. However, if you don't stack any defensive item on Nunu and focus on AP, you end up just being a mage and won't be able to tank much or for very long.

So it really how your build your champion, some of the one named on the list can become proper tank if build properly and should realize some tank can also become other stuff; it all about how you want to play your champion and for a lot players out there, including me, doing the unintended thing with a champion is quite fun.