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Who invented the word "Toxic"?

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Samuel L Jaxx

Senior Member


So I can not find a place to unbind enter as the chat key, either I am missing it, or it doesn't exist. For people like me who are trying their hardest to behave, there should be options to help us, like being able to disable chat.. -_-


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Mocha Chan



You mean the benefits of you roaming that are completely misguided?
A solo ADC in a 2v1 lane has no lane control. Either he'll get pushed into tower and you'll lose your tower within 3-5 minutes or the enemies will freeze the lane outside their own tower and use their support to completely zone your ADC out of any experience and gold.

But hey, if they pick badly and do badly because you insisted on roaming, as you say, it's their fault! At least you're having fun!

It's very baffling that you are a player who queues for games insistent on playing one particular role (jungle) and if you don't get it you'll do the next closest thing (roam) and yet are not in favor of a queue system that allows you to play the role you want every time without negatively impacting your team.

Roaming is an inferior strategy without your whole team agreed to it and making very specific picks to make it work. There is a reason we don't see high elo ranked games with roamers and we rarely see the support leave the ADC's side for the laning phase in pro matches, and it's not just people being stagnant sheep who are too afraid to experiment.

If your team does not make the specialized picks to enable your roaming and you decide you're going to do it anyway, yes, I think that's trolling.

Not to necro, I just saw this, and after reading both.

Well, he said he wants to have fun

You said in him having fun too bad for his ADC he wont' have fun

If he supports properly he won't have fun but the ADC will

But the whole point of a game is to have fun

So if anyone's not having fun, whether it's forced standards(meta) or someone doing something else(his roaming thing) something's wrong

How do we make it so no one has no fun?

like how?

Personally I don't want to be forced into any position in any game other than what I feel like doing. I mean... it's your comp and your internet bill you play this for relaxation and enjoyment, not expectations and stress? Right?

I mean... right?

So like how to make everyone have fun at no expense to others is a good question that noone asks, or is able to answer, and I can't answer, and ... and... I dunno mang.

I'm like hurting my head and...

SHUSH I'm going now.

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Samuel L Jaxx

Senior Member


108th Fruit:
Because of people who want the highest score possible. Punish obvious cases, and skip ones that are borderline to get the highest justice review. Of course accuracy will increase this way.

And the borderline cases get referred to support staff...........

Working As Intended.