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[Guide] Janna - Multi playstyles

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DPS Janna may be viable, but it is definitely not the best way to play her. Here's why:

1. None of her abilities scale with AD. That means that casting Eye of Storm on Miss Fortune, Ashe, Corki, Jax, Gangplank, etc is significantly more effective than casting it on yourself.

2. Even if you compensate with HP Quints and Defensive masteries, you are still squishy, very squishy. Janna has several built in mechanisms for dealing with her squishiness, namely her speed and her abilities that knock enemies up and away from her. None of those work if you're trying to stay close to autoattack.

3. Janna is strong well into the late game with very little gold. With nothing but Doran's ring, Nashor's Tooth, and boots of mobility, she is still the strongest support in the game, and will net your team many kills. On the other hand, whoever she lanes with likely does not share this trait. Minion kills are better given to them. This is also why Janna should never take mid or the solo lane.

I could go on, but those are the main points.

Now for some other things I noticed...

Love her or hate her she will make you frustrated to play against. Since you can’t pick your summoner spells after you see who you are up against, you can’t choose clairvoyance and nor would I recommend it. She will stun you and do a **** ton of damage.

Janna is probably one of the few squishies that doesn't have to worry about Evelyn. Evelyn's strength is greatest during the laning phase, and quickly degrades as the game goes on. During the laning phase, keeping your health at 75%+ and leveling Eye of Storm means that if that Eve DOES pop up next to you, immediately after her stun wares off you cast Eye of Storm on yourself and go on your way. She does not have the burst to kill you when Eye of Storm is one you. On your first trip back, grab a Vision Ward and plop it down in the middle of your lane. Game over Evelyn.

=Rammus =
King Kupa’s taunt ability can make you become a mouse thrower if you’re not careful. While he doesn’t hit extremely hard, but the fact he can catch up slow you down and keep you still and silenced at the same time can be deadly.

If you're playing a support Janna, Rammus should never taunt you. He should never be close enough to. With your built in speed, Ghost, and Flash, and a half decent team, you should always be able to put someone between you and him.

This is another extremely handy spell especially in early game. Where stuns and silences can mean life or death of you. While it loses usage slightly once you buy a Banshee’s Veil. It can still be used while veil is on cool down. But it is also why there is a 3rd option if you find cleanse not as useful later game.

If you do get this spell I’d recommend specing into it just drop one point from Awareness to get it. In early game this is extremely useful as your mana regeneration is low and in 5v5 this can help you or team make a kill if their mana is low you can give them a lot of mana back. When you get higher in Summoner levels not champion levels clarity loses its usefulness except for helping your teammates, as your runes and mastery points will keep your mana decent at lower champion levels.

For the same reason that Rammus should never taunt you, you should never need Cleanse. And, with how squishy you are, if you do happen to get caught in some sort of CC, you're likely dead anyway, cleanse or not.

As for Clarity, it is basically for noobs. There, I said it. I'm sure there are those of you who will get mad about that, but it's true. Using just mp5/level Seals and Nashor's Tooth, I can play all game with little mana trouble if any. Clarity becomes a useless spell after level 5 or so.

My suggestion: Ghost/Flash. Both of them work very well with her built in speed, allowing her to be where she needs to be, and pulling her out of dangerous situations. Another option would be Ghost/Exhaust. Ignite is an okay choice as well. Just keep in mind that you don't need the gold from that kill, but someone else does. Most of the time it's best for the team if you let your carry take that kill.

My Recommended

* 1. Ninja Tabi or Mercury Threads
* 2. Innervating Locket
* 3. Archangel’s Staff
* 4. Banshee’s Veil
* 5. Warden’s Mail or Frozen heart
* 6. Force of Nature

Community Recommended

* 1. Chalice of Harmony
* 2. Mercury Boots/ Boots of Mobility
* 3. Rod of Ages
* 4. Nashor's Tooth
* 5. Warden's Mail/ Frozen Heart
* 6. Stark's Fervor/ Deathfire Grasp/ Soul Shroud/ Warmog's Armor

A few suggestions:
You should try Boots of Mobility. Boots of Mobility make Janna move lightning fast, comparable to Zilean while Time Warped. They're that good. Given that Janna has an easy time zipping in and out of combat, you can maximize their +5 movement speed. Boots of Swiftness are also good, namely if the other team makes it a priority to kill you, and your team folds when they rush.

Innervating locket is complete trash. The heal aura is negligible, the mana regen is unnecessary, and with proper runes/masteries, Nashor's Tooth puts you at the cap.

Banshee's Vail is a nice luxury item, again only if they manage to focus you (which they shouldn't.)

Warden Mail... what the heck? Not even going to touch that, except to say that Glacial Shroud -> Frozen Heart is infinitely better. If you do find that you're stuck carrying a team, Frozen Heart synergizes with Archangel Staff much better than Warden Mail -> Randuin's Omen, so you would grab that instead of Nashor's Tooth. Again that 25% CDR would get you to 40% CDR so you really don't need both of them.

Forces of Nature is largely wasted on Janna. So is Warmogs really.

As for Stark's Fervor/Soul Shroud, if you're playing support (like you should be), once you get your Boots of Mobility and your 40% CDR, it's not a bad idea to start stacking auras to further support your team.

(Only get Oracle’s Elixir if you’re going against stealth champions)

False. Any time you're up against a team that isn't hell bent on killing you every fight, you will likely have very low deaths (often 0). That makes you the ideal person to grab Oracle's Elixer and hunt down enemy wards.

As far as masteries go, 9/0/21 is by far the optimal choice, even for offensive roles. 6% CDR is huge. It allows you to cap out with a single item, and then focus your items on AP. That's a much bigger difference than the +4% damage you get by going 21 offense.

That being said I really don't recommend Offensive Jannas over Support Jannas, so I won't go into item selection there.

or you can go with Mana Regen (DO NOT GO MANA REGEN PER LEVEL... by the time it is good enough you NO LONGER NEED MANA REGEN) I personally have 9 Magic Resist runes here

Mp5/Level catches up to flat mp5 at level 5. Are you saying you don't need Mana Regen at level 5?

Because of your massive starting health you can solo almost all carries that tend to go mid at lvl 1, just cleanse off exhaust if they throw it on you and when they start to run throw the ignite for the kill at least one out of every 3 games I get a lvl 1 kill

However if they do not come to attack you early on, wait for creeps and then proceed to exactly what is said above... zap with a zephyr and auto-bot 1-3 times and then back out

I don't know who you've been playing, but just about any AD DPS (melee or ranged) will eat you alive for trying something like this, especially since you're starting with Pendant and they're (if they are smart) starting with Doran's Ring.

My teammates rarely want to go mid, so usually when I am playing Janna I get to solo mid.

I usually have a Twisted Fate on my team.

Since when does AD Janna take mid over Twisted Fate, who has infinitely greater ganking potential?

(I feel that I kill towers faster on Janna than I do on Sivir)

I laughed.

I think I addressed everything that popped out at me, but do point out if you have any questions.

Edit: And I just realized this thread is a year old. Geez.