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[Blitzcrank] Another steambuild

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I wanted to share my two cents on building up Blitzcrank as a support & damaging champion.

This is NOT a tank build.
This is somewhat a carry build, it usually leads to it, but I don't mean to play blitz that way.

I'm not trying to sound full of myself, but my Blitzcrank has changed the way of the game several times. A great pull can turn the game around.

http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=18110 <- you can fins his stats here, creds to Bait

Masteries. I'm lvl 26 as of writing this, my summoner stats are 21/0/5. I want my Blitz to show those enemy champions a world of hurt. If you're new to Blitzcrank you might find yourself wanting to take some defensive masteries, even though he can stand up to a beating early game too. NOTE: No tanking guy, no tanking.

Runes? I have a bunch of random runes. Cooldown reduction, XP increase, some mana regen. My runebook is aimed towards Morgana, but it works OK for Blitz too.

Summoner spells! I love Flash. If any enemy escapes and your hook is on CD, feel free to flash in his face & E-spell him. I like having Exhaust too, because it helps my team to inflict more damage to your victim. Talenting your exhaust (first at offense) reduces target's armor & magic resistance by 25 and increases its duration by 0.5 seconds. Rally & fortify are also good picks, feel free to ponder. I sometimes choose Rally.

1. Sapphire Crystal + pots
2. Sheen
3. Boots (I almost always pick mercury treads, game dependant)
4. Zeal/Phage
5. Phage/Zeal
6. Trinity Force
7. Black Cleaver

The mana crystal means you have a second chance at an early kill if you fail the first time. I always try to do an early gank with Blitzcrank, he's good at it. Sheen is your bread and butter, it increases your powerfist damage incredibly, and you will proc it for each spell you do. Boots are up to you, I go with Mercury Treads because it's simply awesome for the gold.

Trinity Force should be self-explanatory, you have Sheen. You want attack speed. You like the slow chance, although you seldom need it. In most games I pick a Black Cleaver. As with Exhaust, it helps your team. It makes everyone go down quicker, and that's what they'll hate about you. Blitzcrank does the job good, AND fast.

The next item is up to you. IF you cannot survive well, go with survivability items. You do great damage. However if you're good to go, I suggest going with attack speed. Wit's End is always nice, any caster will hate you. Wit's End + Overdrive + Powerfirst + Tower = sad tower.

Early game laning is either boring because you can't do much, or boring because you own them too hard (). I know it sounds weird, but this is usually what happens. What I always try to do early game is get a first blood, if you have a Shaco on your team they're dead meat. If someone has rally you can tank Dragon well. If there's a Warwick against you, gank him. In your lane you want to be defensive and PICK your moments. Without your boots you are WAY too slow to simply walk against an enemy. Trying to hook them into your tower goes without saying. Try to stay in your lane until you can afford Sheen and at least tier 1 boots.

Mid game you're a ganking machine. Any carriers will hate you, mages hate you, TANKS hate you. You know who hates you the most? Twitch and Eve. Eve is going to hate you so much that your opponents are going to start focusing you because she can't get a kill. The great thing about players with stealth is that they often position themselves poorly, and Eve can't do **** with her melee range when your powerfist is about. IF anyone on their team is jungling, take upon the job to ward woods at either only your golem+lizard or theirs also. I often stop laning and just run around ganking mid-game.

Late game: If you're winning they're not going to turn the game around unless YOU die. Blitzcrank is a killing machine once you get your full trinity force up, and your black cleaver is either ready or you've got your bf sword. If they ever try to force, you go for the kill. They doing Nashor? Hook one of their ranged guys out, kill him. Kill moar. The great thing about enemies doing Nashor is that their tank are rubbing against him, and their squishies/carriers aren't.

Don't be scared to use your active ulti against creeps. If you need to turn the wave around quick for a push (after a few kills), use your ulti. It's not very effective unitl level 2 though. Like many others I suggest using it in teamfights when they're getting low on hp, not when they're all full. In a 5v5 battle without any creeps around you're going to be dealing a huge amount of damage from your passive ulti.

I find that once you get your trinity force up you're going to be a force to be reckoned with for the rest of the game. What YOU as an aspiring Blitzcrank player will have to learn is:

1. How to hook.
2. How to hook.
3. How to hook.
4. Which walls you can hook through.

Laning partners. You don't do enough DPS early game to be the killer in your lane. I absolutely love laning with Shaco, he has slow, most likely exhaust, great burst damage from deceive. You have stun, you have hook, you have exhaust (probably).

Rammus is a great laning partner if there are melee players in your lane. His taunt, your hook, your stun, his stun. <3

Basically you want to play with someone who can inflict damage, you don't need another stunner. I laned with Morgana once, and I didn't like it one bit. We just didn't get as much done as Blitz + another lane partner can accomplish.

How to lane? Until you and your partners are ready push the tower down, try to keep enemies at YOUR tower. ****py situation for them, especially they're melee, great situation for you.

Last hitting with powerfist? If you can afford the mana loss, go for it. You can always take your golem down for the regen. I find that blitzcrank last hits pretty well without powerfisting.

I've been thinking about writing a guide, although I know my forum posts always become ranty(?) and unorganized. After playing against several bad Blitzcranks in a row I felt like I too wanted to share my experience with him. Around 60 games should cover it.

Last but not least. NO GUIDE WILL TEACH YOU HOW TO PLAY. (C) Morpheus: I can only show you the door. If you're lucky you're going to be up against bad players when you're starting out with him, most low lever players are bad against Blitzcrank. Even if they know you can hook, they're just not good enough to constantly think about their positioning. Feel free to add / discuss / criticize (spelling?).

Thanks for reading.

PS. What's a guide without a screenshot? If you're winning this is going to be your usual stats.