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Champion Suggestion: Archer

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Kyoukishi Nanaya

Junior Member


Story: While most magicians in the past would focus on controlling the elements Archer would practice the most peculiar type of magic. The art of projection creating and simulating the power of weapons he has once seen. He was seen as a rather peculiar magus in the academy of magic being unable to pass the most basic tests. So it seemed he was useless until the day the magic academy was attacked at night... while the entire academy was sound asleep the events that occured were a mystery, but the next day the students of the academy had awakened the field was littered with the bodies of noxian soldiers, and swords they had not even heard of or seen before, almost as if someone had called swords to hail on them. After that night archer joins the league despite the fact that hes seen as useless to defend the Demacian lives he saved that night.

Stats at level 1
Mana: 500
AD : 56
MR: 30

Auto Attack Animation
(Archer takes his two swords and swings them at the target)
Critical hit animation
Archer takes both swords jumps and smashes them down on the enemies head(kind of like olafs reckless swings)

Q: Kanshou and Bakuya
Archer projects twin swords and throws them in two separate arcs hitting anything that comes in its path.

W: Rho Aius Aegis
Archer projects a shield that can absorb x amount of damage and can be shot with
Caladabolg II to increase damage by x%

E: Caladabolg II
Archer projects a sword and a bow and overloads it with magical energy creating a small explosion around the first target it hits(kind of like tristana's explosive shot except its a skill shot)

R: Unlimited Bladeworks
Archer bends space and generates a massive amount of swords and rains them down in a area with a .25% chance of snaring targets trapped in the hail of blades. Targets caught in the circle at the time of UBW are hit ONCE (It hits for sure but its much more like a area nuke) in addition Archer gains x passive magic penetration while this skill is on cool down.(like the gangplank ult it is global) 3 second channel time.

This character is based off the fate/ stay night archer I am pretty sure that no one really knows what that is however i think this character would be a nice change of scenery. Again another all skill shot character like ezreal though instead fights like a melee dps but has ranged skills all around. I guess just give me your thoughts on this?

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Kyoukishi Nanaya

Junior Member


I do realize I have terrible grammar so i give you my humblest apologies.