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Team Insomniac Gaming

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Fèéder Lêë

Junior Member


Team: Insomniac Gaming
Players: Fèéder Lêë (top)
Tichus Findley (adc)
Parune (support)*
gambit546 (jungle)

*Please do not contact for team details

We are looking for a mid who has an actual schedule or something like it so we can create practice times. Preferably you should be on EST and play pretty regularly. Silver only unless you are willing to work with people who are not as good as you. We've had problems in the past with people who randomly leave without any warning or communication so seriously state what's on your mind, so basically do not be passive aggressive.

Thanks for taking your time to look at this. As a side note we definately joke around while playing so don't expect super try hard unless in a tournament or after losing a game or two.